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TOOK 10 MINS !!!!!!

I woke up after 3 hours disturbed sleep at 4.30 am and took about 10 mins to get up and get my muscles and all my limbs going i cannot believe how bad i feel in pain just for having my grandson it is awful it really is i am now going to take my lil doggy to top of the road as it light out now and also quite mild and dry woo woo

i hope that you are all well rested ????

love diddle xxx

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Hi diddle, iv had a terrible week still no sleep about 4 hours normally had maybe 2 last night don't get up as am scared of falling as left leg gives way by 3 this afternoon I will be exhausted then afight begins I try stay awake so I sleep at night try everything to stay awake sometimes I wn others I loose but still pain and still no sleep at night either way same routine, bed time phone lap top mags all to get to sleep and for 1hen I wake few hours later. Take care all karen. Xx


thanks christine and kaz for your comments and yes i would have him again bless him few more years he wont want to comte to nanny house will he lol have a good day love diddle x


Hi diddie

hope you have u have a better afternoon and have a wee grandson lives with me and im shatterd all the time im finding it hard to cope



yes i can imagine it is hard when they liv with you love diddle x but the other thing is lookat the lovely memories you have they will keep you going xxx


Does anybody else who suffers with fybro. Have a weird sensation in the face. If feels like I have been to the dentist and the injection is wearing off. My eye feels it is numb, but its not, my lips tingle, like pins and needles and feels as if there numb again its not. It feels like I need to rub or massage my face, but it does no good. It starts in my eye, works its way down my face and across my lip. Its only the right side. I dont get a rash, there is nothing to see, it does not hurt, but its so annoying.It comes and goes, no pattern, found no triggers. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi joannieT i get a feeling all over my face..eyelids lps ckeeks & chin it feels like having sunburn & a we bit swollen.

I also have sensative skin, i mentioned it to my dr and he said it is to do with Fibro, it is a horrible feeling at least it isnt there every day, like you i dont know what triggers it, but keep asking you may find someone who is able to help you, take care hope your face feels better soon..Mary


So sorry you felt like this after having your Grandson, I do know how you feel and if it only took you 10 minutes to get out of bed that is bad but sometimes it can take me 2 hours to get moving in the mornings. Hope you feel better now and are moving easier xxx


hiii Diddles,

how you feeling now are you a little brigher and is the sun shining like it is in Leeds!

it is not nice when woken in night and cannot get back to sleep, i was awoken with a txt msg from a customer at 4am this morning lol. That was it i was awake!! must of eventualy nodded off for alarm to go off and then my brain did not want to work properly eeek , shalll i drive sharnnt i drive...hmm was ok after a while.

xxx cazziexx


Hi diddles hope yr feeling better soon love and huggs xxxxxxxxx


Hiya Diddle, I know how you feelas a lot of us do...i have 3 grand children aged 8,4&3, they make me laugh at ther antics especialy when the 3yr old asks for a sleep over, & that takes a bit of organising & extra help if i can get it.

Then ofcourse they leave nd it is bed for will be a bit better when they are a bit older.

I hope you are feeling better soon & keep the chuckle muscles going lol, soft hugs take care love...Maryxxx.


take care of yourself xx gentle dyslexic hugs


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