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in reply about why i was took off my sick benefit . i did appeal ,then went to the tribunal a year later

they said in a later letter i had lost my appeal -it seems if you are vulnerable and ill they kick you off .if you can lift your arm up you can work .going through all this made me more ill so i have give up trying with the appeal .I am now trying to get well so i can do something like my own business from home as this is all i think i can manage under my own control so i can rest when i want ,my partner works part time so hopefully we can get some tax credit to live on i just hope my illness wont` get worse .im looking on the net for help i have started a juicing diet to see if i can improve it i`m just not feeling too good at the moment .i should have appealed again but could not put myself through it i felt like i was on trial .i went there told the truth this is were i went wrong im too honest

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Hi elaine02

I am so sorry to read of your horrendous time and the loss of your appeal. I would personally urge you to carry on, however, it is your decision and if you are so fed up with it all, and fear your health could deteriorate I would genuinely understand if you did not.

I have pasted you the GOV.UK link on how to claim tax credits below:

I have also pasted you a link on how to claim Income Support as you may be entitled to this if your income is below a certain level:

I want to wish you all the best of luck with whatever you decide to do, and please keep us all up to date with how you get on?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Please don't give up.

Enlist the help of Citizen's Advice or other welfare groups. They will fill the forms in for you.

Make an appointment and ask what you need to show them. The lady who did mine took nearly two hours exploring all options and completing the forms. I was so muddled and unsure and exhausted it was such a relief to have her do it. It is all completely confidential, no worries there. I wish I had gone to them in the beginning.

Also, to gain further knowledge click on the blue Fibroaction benefits sites on the right of your screen, if you go to the yellow butterfly, top right, there is a wealth of information.

There is plenty of help out there, it may mean scrolling through a few things first to see if it is relevant to you, but you will find answers.

There are many here who have gone through the same as you, you are not alone. We do understand the frustration, the humiliation, anger and tears, but also the delight and relief at having an appeal go in your favour. Hang on in there.


That is absolutely wonderful and fantastic advice my friend x x x x


Hi Elaine02 I agree with bluebell don't give up hun there plenty help your entitled to


In the early 90's I had a terrible time trying to get benefits . My fibro was seriously debilitating spending days at a time in bed while I had a young 5 year old. It took over 4 years of fighting, numerous appeals, tribunals and eventually went to the secretary of state as I contacted my M.P. I eventually won and was backdated everything . I was paid for a further 6 years. I never claimed again even though I still suffered a milder form because of the fight I had to go through. I strongly believe we should not be put in this position when we are so ill and at our most vulnerable. I'm sure they do it just to weed out the many. So I advise keep fighting, research, gather your evidence and then see your MP to fight for injustice. This is such a horrible illness because you never know when you will improve its like 2 steps back and one step forward. I wish you every success in claiming what is yours by right and hope you eventually have a better quality of life. Big hug x


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