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Well i think i know every part of thomas the tank we have watched it so many times i almost kow every story off by heart i am flagging now we had good night sleep and have taken the dog out all wrapped up i the buggy with warm bottle of tea doggy now curled up on bottom of my bed ad yes you guessed we are watching thmas again!!!

my daughter will be here before 11 so thats not too bad then i gort the rest o the day to just chill out as i know i will bwe worn out but its not till they go you notice it

It so windy here today but although its wet it is not raining at the min

oh well i hoe that you are all ok and i will be on here every so often through the day love to you duiddle x

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ok lol i doget inmuddle with all the engines names x sad when 2 year old knows them xx love diddle x


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