Itchy Skin

Does anyone else suffer from itchy skin? It is mainly on my arms and i scratch them until they bleed i have tried different creams but nothing helps.

Can anyone help!!

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  • ye i get itchy skin all over i just moisturize my skin all over wiyh a really good cream e45 is good .soft hugs xx

  • I also use E45 when I get a bout of mystery itching. I've found it to be very effective.

  • yes and my legs are very dry x

  • I've developed a rash on my arms - doctor said it was eczema its driving me nuts. Cream not working.

  • I itch all over at times, it drives me mad. No apparent reason for it either xx

  • hi

    yes - i get itchy legs. Especially when there cold.

    from kerry29

  • Hi Pamg, if you use opiates for your pain one of the side effects is itchiness. i use an emollient - like the type used for eczema - when I shower or, if I run out of that, I put baby oil all over my body after showering.

    You can get a huge tub of emollient on prescription.

    Hope this helps. Shell x

  • I also get very itchy at nights. I take an antihistamine and it seems to stop the itching for me.

    Good luck to you all.


  • goodness yes itch all over drives me insane, allergies to wheat dairy and gluten, when first gave all that up things calmed down, now its back with a vengence and i am so careful what chemicals etc i use at home and what i eat! I recommend Piriton, that at least helps you drift off to sleep not itching! I also have been prescribed Diprobase which helps the dry skin, can't stand the smell and feeling of it but it seems to moisturise, i put it on legs arms hands when i go to bed. I have also been prescribed a moderate steroid cream, as i have now started coming out in rashes, grrrrrrr....drives me bonkers, i scratch and itch and must look like i have fleas!!!! Any ideas that can offer help i am listening :)

  • HI i am new to this site, i have suffered with fibro for the last 15 years , i use oilatum bath and shower cream works 75% of the time

  • I use oilatum cream and a anti histamine tablet when it's really bad.

    with regards to chemicals etc I have cleared all shampoos, shower gels out and use only Arbonne Skincare products which are completley natural.

  • I get itchy on my legs and still dont h as ve a fix.

  • My scalp is itchy and I am as lw as ys s ratching

  • I too itch. Mainly in the area on my back where my bra straps go etc.And mostly at night. Also have itchy eyes and that affects my contact lenses. Have found taking Piraton or similar helps. I just can't get over how many people have all or most of the same things I do. I have gone form being someone with umpteen ailments and fearing I was a raving Hypochondriac to someone with FM who has syptoms the same as 90% of all sufferers. That alone is worth the pain and agony. Just to know others have exactly the same syptoms. And altho I wouldn't wish others to suffer so, at least I don't feel I am alone. regards Sue.

  • I get itchy now and then too. my skin is so dry lately too! esp on my face. I have had dry/itchy arms and legs for many years though. I don't wear shorts anymore coz I look like a plucked chicken lol

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