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Not so lonely now

I have suffered for many a year and it was so lonely as a lot of peole don't understand what you are going through. some think your lazy some think its all in the mind and i have even been told i am a hyprocondract ( sorry can't spell)

Its only the past few years i have found one doctor who sort of understands me he started me on pregbalin which helps with some of the pain and helps me get some sleep.

I have a blood test every year and now have been told i have b12 anima so every 3 months i have injections. I am asmthtic. I have ibs and diviticulitus. Also SLE i have a high allergy rate and the list goes on and on .

Now i have found fibroaction and know there is people out there who i can turn to and know what i am talking about without judgeing me.

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hi yes we are so luckyto beon here and have each others support and help amd advice . i felt so alone before i had this site my family are fantastic but unless you have this you really dont know do you how hard it is and we find it hard to understand and we are living with it so how are people supposed to know who havent got it ! love to you diddle x


I am so pleased you have found us Corpew, and I hope we can keep you company and help and support you as well as we can. You are never alone, there are usually people around all the time. We are all in the same boat to be there for one another. Family try very hard to understand, but unless you have Fibro yourself it can be hard to fathom, I know my family struggled for a long time to understand. Take care! :) :)


hi sorry i am with you but what is sle?


sytemic lupus emernomar or lupus for short (sorry about spelling not my strong point)


Know the feelg of people judging. How do u explain an invisible disability and illness. Almost all days I sleep abt 14 hrs as day. Then still tired and do very little and are fatigued.


Hi corpew, Welcome from me. :)

Its good to talk to people who get you and totally understand. I just hope you are not as lonely now with this site.

hugs, kel xxx


hi corpew welcome to our group. i agree that no one understands our dilemma, and most people are so unlikely to ever educate their selves about fibro. i hold my head up high and dismiss the unbelievers. if they cant be bothered to understand, then i cant be bothered to waste my energy resourses on them.

ive been on the B12 for years now and i know when im due my jab and how much better i feel arfter having it.


Welcome Corpew, glad you found this site and we can all support each other cos no one understands the pain n suffering unless they go through it themselves on a daily basis. You said you have a lot of allergies too, may I ask which ones cos I also suffer with Multiple chemical sensitivity and a hell of a lot of food allergies, different reactions to different foods, some anaxthalactic shock, and im having blood tests at moment cos so tired all the time and going dizzy and headaches. I take each day as it comes as we all do, but im also a very positive person and still try to do the things ive always done and keep a big beaming smile on my face no matter what :) :) :) Much love to you and all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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