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not so good

not so good

I have not posted my normal oddhumourblog today asi fel really like i am dying. its not just the fibro today ......

i know i should ptrsstheassist button but also know i wont becaude there are sicker folks out thee who may need the anbulance.

It seems so silly feeling sick all the time I am often sure that i must be a hyprochonfriacno one should feel this ill or pass out every timethey standup.

amsigningof for awhile wobblyhuggies from me petal

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Hey you get days like that we all do.try and rest,get some sleep if can.

And try not to panic if you get any worse then me personally would go to walk in centre.

You not making it are ill.

Hope you soon feel better.x


Hey you you are special and the emergency services are there to be used ...

Rest and soft hugs xxx




So sorry you are feeling so bad, I think you should ring hospital and ask

For advice, you should not feel like you are going to,faint every time you

Stand up.

Go and phone for advice you are important as well go and do it before

I have to come and do it for you and that's a long way from the isle

Of wight. If you feel sick and faint when you stand up your blood pressure

Might be in your boots take this as a warning and do some thing about

It before you are really really ill

Do it now

Love viiv


hope you feel better soon petal ,and make sure you call the doc if you need to ,sending you lots of love and hugs xxxx


Hello Petal, please don't feel as though you are a hypochondriac...... I think we must all think that at times, and wonder "why Me"?

You are very important and if you are feeling really ill you are entitled to help.

Have you had any blood tests recently?

Soft Hugs

Sue x x cx


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