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my scan update

Hi everyone, just thought I would update you .

Well after catching 2 busses upto the hospital ( hate buses) they were very efficiant and quick

Boy did that hurt, She told me I have lots of little gallstones hence the pain. So now I know,

It means an op but I dont care if it gets rid of this awful pain I will be happy.

She did say that the results wont get to dr for 7-10 days but I am speaking to dr on monday and I am hoping she will refer me asap I cant stand this pain much longer.

I also hope she will give me mophine for the pain as it will be weeks til I have an op

I am so tired and in pain now so I am going to go and chill

soft hugs

Penny xx

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well at least you will be pain free once you have had op love to you diddle x


glad you got your answer .x


At last u know, and for me once i had op the relief of no pain was great. i could also eat something other than boiled chicken and plain rice. lol. Wishing u all the best Lou x


Oh Pennt, what an ardous day, but at least you now have your answer that it is gallstones, as you are seeing your Dr on Monday, sorry speaking make a list of what you want to say and then hopefully you won't forget anything. If I can help in any way, please say so, do you drink coffee? Perhaps we could meet up this next week????

Hope you manage to get some much needed sleep tonight.

Gentle hugs,



Hi Sue thank you for your comment, Didnt sleep to well but thats par for the course I think.

I have made a long list lol for dr jack.

It will be lovely to meet up this week, As far as I know I am free everyday apart from wed morning.

let me know xx

soft hugs

Penny xx


Penny how about Tuesday 2pm and we could go to the Rumbles cafe at vicar water with Rosehip if thats ok?


that will be fantastic I will really look forward to that be great to see you both xxx


Hi penny,

I am so happy for you that it is something that can be sorted hun. :)

I hope you dont have to wait too long with that pain

hugs, kel xxxx


Thank you all for your comments, I am pleased they have found out what the pain is and once it is gone I will only have the pain from the fibro which is kept bearable by painkillers

Gentle hugs to you all

Penny xxx


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