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Well folks, it's been just over two weeks since this painful, dreaded experience began for me. You might remember that I am 50 and out of no where came this massive red rash with boils and severe pain. I saw the Dr. Yesterday and she was pleased with the progress, but expected it to be more cleared up by now. Because of the exploding pain She gave Mew gabapintin and lidocane. She said I could have pain for months or YEARS.

I am worried very worried because three pain is so very bad and I can because of the word chronic she used. Cll is bad enough, but where did shingles come from and how can people get through this pain. Not to scare anyone, each case is individual, but mine is a bad one. It zaps all of my energy and is making me wearing. Edited By Admin

I just put on my ointment, took my medicine and will try to go back to sleep. Just wanted my supportive friends to have an update.

Many blessings,


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  • I remember when my son had it a few years ago, the pain he was in was unbearable he was screaming with pain and he was in his late 20's then so I know what your going through

  • Shingles is very debilitating and painful and it takes a long time to get back your stamina, I remember my Mum having it years ago and she was really ill with it, do hope the medication helps and you start to feel a little better soon, take care.

    I hope you find comfort in your beliefs

  • I went down with shingles for the first time last year it broke out on my backside now that really did hurt lol

    Anyone who as had chickenpox will carry the shingle virus for life. But not everyone one will get shingles. Stress is one of the major factors for an outbreak of shingles.

    I have not had any other episode since last year. Mine took a month to clear up. Doctor said it was not worth me taking antivirus medication as my outbreak was a few week old and would be no good. So I was given some cream. You may be lucky and only have one outbreak. Hang in there it is very painful but it will get better I hope it's sooner rather than later.


  • Thanks for the update. My sympathies go out to you as I have had th drwase shingles twice once across my shoulder and once down my face and eye and the pain is really horrible. Like any virus it can really take the windout of your sails and you can feel very fatigued for some time afterwards. Both times I had it I was under stress so I think k it can be a contributing factor.

    Don't let the doctor scare you as everyone is different some people have it, get over it completely and it never rears it ugly head again. Others do have reoccurring bouts of it and some have residual pain but that does not happen in every case. Hopefully what they are trying to stress is that the pain can carry on after the blisters etc have gone so don't be expect an instant cure.

    If you do have it again at least you will recognise the symptoms and will be able to go straight to the doctor for anti virals that domake a difference if taken within the first few days.

    Have as much rest as you can andbe gentle on yourself and hopefully within a few weeks you will be feeling much better. X

  • All of you are so wonderful and encouraging, not only to me but to all of the others going through the same thing. Thank you for cyber hugs and your care and concern and most of all being willing to share your stories. Please anyone with shingles stories do tell. It really helps. I'd love to hear them. I'm sure everyone would.

    One question, is it dangerous to try and get going to soon. Like say it's school break and your kids want you to take them to the beach. A comforting place to be... But a lot of work. Or should I just get going. They haven't healed but they are scabbing.

    Thankful Kimsome

  • I had shingles when I was 57 after a period of stress. But I returned to work much to early after pressure from bosses so I recommend you don't do that as I now have a lot of pain from the original sight.... Maybe recovering properly might have avoided this....... With the fibro as well I am in a lot of pain at times.... So I would advise you let yourself recover properly before going back to the stresses and strains of normal life. Take care I hope you heal soon xxx

  • I sympathise! I managed to get an outbreak on my arm a couple of years ago and didn't go to the doctor straight away as I thought it just occurred on your body so didn't start the anti viral meds as soon as I should. I remember seriously thinking cutting my arm off would be a good move to relieve the dreadful burning itch/pain. I do occasionally get a burst of the awful burning itch now and again but it doesn't really last for long so hopefully that's what your doctor meant when she said it can last for months or years. Hope you soon recover x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend, and I have been watching a great deal on TV about shingles recently and how horrid it is. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • How great it is to have a family of friends willing to share and encourage those of us in the middle of the storm. Good information, and I am truly thankful. My shingles are going away slowly, thank goodness for this numbing ointment And gabapintin. Thank you again, Kimsome

  • Ive had shingles twice first when i was 8 years old when all the kids had chickenpox i had shingles. Next when i was in my 50s the nerves are always damaged.

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