I've had a good day ... and I'm being life laundered

I've had a good day ... and I'm being life laundered

today has been so productive, I'm really pleased.

My aim is to destress by clearing my clutter! I'm going for it ....

I've just got rid of my old sofa's and I'm so excited about my new one's coming. My friend has spent the whole day clearing out the 'rubbish' I've collected over the years and decluttered my kitchen. My living room is looking empty and is the next room to be decluttered. I have 3 friends coming over to help me with it, and it's difficult sometimes to accept the help people offer, but I know that the clutter is causing me stress and I have wonderful friends who are willing to do it with me. All I need to do is make the tea apparently!!! It's going to be emotional I think, but the results will be worth it ..... bring it on!!!!

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  • You are so brave! I have been trying to do this since I moved here 2 years ago! Upload some pics of your new clutter free home please!

  • I love a clear out . you are very lucky to have good friends . dont you go doing to much though xxx

  • i love to have a good clear out nothing like it love to you diddle x

  • Well done Suzy, clutter is not good, I feel i need to de-clutter my life, but quie honestly....................... I don't know where to start!!!

    Don't make yourself ill my all of this!!!!

    Gentle hugs,

    Sue x x x

  • it's been emotional but I do feel better. More to do still but I'm on the right path!

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