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Quick catch up

Hello Fibro Friends, just a quick catch up to say Hi and hope everyone is okay. Having a busy week with the triplets as their parents both have roles in Calamity Jane which finishes tomorrow. Hopefully I will then be able to have a proper catch up. There was a fundraising morning this morning at their nursery to collect money towards a sensory garden so I hope they did well. Their Dad made cupcakes and sold over £100 worth of cakes so well done to him.

Diddle, you would have been in your element had you been there, I bought a victoria sponge which is absolutely gorgeous. Had to have a piece as soon as I got home!! .

Well take care everyone and am looking forward to having a proper catch up soon. Love Angela xx

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Well i just saw the word cake and just zoomed into your blog that sounds yummy and oh yes you had to try it out for sure in fact you shold really keep trying it till its gone jus to make sure

you have been busy bee you take care love diddle x


Wish I could share it with you Diddle, don't know what I will do when I go to the fat clinic cos they won't like me eating cake will they!!. There are some days I just cant help it though, perhaps they can give me a pill to make me stop lol.

Looking forward to things getting a bit more restful now to be honest, its lovely to be able to help but it has been a long and tiring week. So far I am coping quiet well but soon I know I will come to a full stop again!!. xx


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