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my little man is sick :(

awful days full of rain & the cold :(

all night my poor little boy was coughing and in & out of my bed trying to lay on my back & ribs arghhhhhhhh its so hard as it is without my son being ill. I am such a worrier that i find it really hard to sleep when my kids are sick my anxiety levels go through the roof !

feel like i weigh a hundred tonnes so heavy :(

i hope tonight is a bit better as i have a project at my sons school that we have been doing all about the Lion King and in may we will get to go to the theatre to see the show. tomorrow we are working on our paper mache mask :) and singing some of the songs trying to hold onto the positive and enjoy the project with my son but its really hard. going to try and do some drawing later for our story board too. hope ur all keeping warm love & gentle (((hugs)))

xx amanda xx

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Hi Amanda,

I'm so sorry your little one isn't well. Hope he's better very soon.

Sounds fab, the Lion King project and going to the theatre to see it. I could do with you living near me to make paper mache masks and do a story board. :) I've done a Spring theme which is all over my kitchen wall and that's it, I haven't bothered doing anything else since.

Hope you get a better nights' sleep, and you little boy too

Hugs Sue xx


Hi amanda,

Aww your poor wee boy, i hope he gets better soon, its horrible when your kids are ill.

Also hope he gets better for you to get some sleep. I feel like a truck has ran over me when i have had no sleep due to one of mine being poorly.

Sending you hugs, kel xxx


hope hes better soon x


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