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Back from my sick bed

Hi everyone, how are you all.

Sorry I haven't updated you on anything recently, or let you know how I got on with Johnny on our night out. I've had tonsillitis for the past ten days, have struggled into work all but one day of that. There's a few things going on at home too, and with Christmas piled on top it's all got the better of me. I've felt more than sorry for myself and have started wishing my life away to a few months time when I hope and plan to have everything sorted.

But I'm back. I've half finished an essay that was due in at lunch time today, I've responded to my FibroAction emails and I've started packing for a long weekend with my parents this coming weekend. I've even wrapped a load of Christmas presents!

Hope you are all keeping warm and well.

Karen xx

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Hi smartcarkaz

I sincerely hope that you are now feeling as well as you possibly can be? Welcome back and it is wonderful to read your post. I genuinely hope that you have a wonderful weekend with your parents? Take care and try not to overdo things.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks Ken, hope you're well too x


Glad you and Johnny got out before the tonsillitis struck is he packed for the weekend trip ?


No, I don't think he's coming with me, our hot date didn't go too well :( x


Oh thats a shame going steady and meeting the parents is a good sign :-)


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Fleecies Fluffies to help you fight the fibro monsters and for snuggly comfort and support Karen.

I'm glad you are feeling better my friend and have returned to us safely :)

looking forward to your update and wish you a fantastic weekend with the folks :)

There's a virtual Christmas Party happening next Thursday if you'd like to come and have some fun, it will be a new experience to enjoy and remember.............. it can get rather silly!!!

It's free of course and our wonderful Ginsing as host bringing us altogether should be a hoot :D :P :D

You can eat, drink whatever you like (and be merry) because it's make believe and our aches, pains and everything associated to illness don't exist :)

Time to start dusting off the elf outfit again............... it's that time of year!! :D :P :D :P :D

xxx sian :)


Virtual party - how does that work? I'll see you all there!! x


Guessing by the elf outfit it will be elf service :P



Funny :P


Come along and see :)

There's a pamper day at the spa first on Monday which will give you a taster :)

It's a chance to use our creative imaginations in a different way and use a bit of 'escapism therapy'. We tend to have a day of silliness and make believe nonsense, which is a bit like the TV Programme 'Who's Line is it Anyway?' if you have heard of it!?! ad-libbing because there's no script :) As it happens there will be 2 days next week of virtual play :D

Monday - Fibro Hibernation Club - Pamper Day at the Spa in preparation for the Festive Party.

Thursday - Ginsing hosts Christmas and Festive Party for all fibromites :)

We all deserve to celebrate our acheivements and let our hair down now and again :D It would be lovely if you could make it :)

Forget your troubles and enjoy some play acting :D

It'll be fab to see you :)

xxx sian :)


Welcome back, enjoy your weekend with your parents and try to put all your cares behind you for a couple of days.x

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