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I have got new meds today...tramadol..good/bad?

Hi all,

Been to see Dr today as he called me in with results from my bloods which showed I'm low in Vit D and urine which had trace of blood and looks like I did have infection but took in another sample this morn and all is ok.

Anyway he has given me Tramadol to take 4 times daily instead of my usual co-codomol,I'm a bit reluctant to take as I'm that person who always gets the side effects!

Has anyone had any side effects with it? and if not do you find its good for pain relief?

Soft hugs to you all...PB xx

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I can't take Tramadol as I only ever took one and sat on the sofa totally spaced out. I knew what was going on around me, could hear what was on the telly, but could not move or open my eyes. I don't know but can only imagine it was how a drug addict feels!!!!

On the other hand I know a lady who is in her late eighties who takes 8 a day and functions perfectly normally.

What I am trying to say is that it is trial and error - suits some people but not others.

Hope it suits you.

Love Lynne x


Hi Pinkblossom

I have found tramadol to be my saving grace. I am unable to take codeine because of a bad reaction so my Rheumie suggested Tramadol. I wasn't convinced. But it's helped with the pain. In terms of side effects, I'm like you, if there is a side effect I have it! But the only side effects I've has is the occasional 'spacy/drowsy' feeling and constipation for the the first month. I also occasionaly get a bit shaky, almost like low blood sugar? But the benefits have far outweighed the side effects.

Hope that helps?



They are tough on your stomach and made me very drowsey thumbs down from me but everyone is different take care x


Hello Pink, we all relate differently to meds, each case tends to be different. So if one person has adverse side effects to say Tramadol, it doesn't necessarily mean you will, so please bear this in mind with any comments made.

Give your new meds time to fully kick in so they work for you to full effect. Any concerns you may have over this, please speak to your GP who will advise you accordingly.

For more info on Tramadol, please click on the link below -

Hope this helps.

(((hug))) xxx



I take 8 tramadol a day and i have no side effects,no spaced out feeling or drowsiness so thats good. They used to work well for the pain but dont anymore, i think my wretched body has become used to them so i am looking to try new meds. Its like any meds i for some and not for others but definately worth a go......let us know how you get on ......Charlii xx


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