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my assesment is on 8th may at my home.hubby googled the drs name who works for atos,theres a dentist or phycitrist!hmmm iv spondolotheseis(spine)ahrtitis&fb!hows he going to know about my conditions then?!im seeing my surgeon tomorrow im telling him someone wants to examin his patient see wot he says!since my op no one touches my back but him!stressed now&pain feel like iv got monkey arms!hugs x

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oh bless you please dont get yourself in a state you have got a while to wait so jus calm down as you wont do yourself any favours getting het up . go and see your surgeon tommorrow he will obviously see how worried and wound up you are and he may write a letter for you so jus keep yourself calm until you see him love to you and good luck love diddle x


thxs Lynn,rang them,they gave me gmc medical number,we looked her up she is qualified to help stop accidents/dissabiltys in the work place,she is from hungrey!!well im going to see my spine specilist tomorrow,he might not be interested or he might have afit!his bedside manners arnt the greatest&well known for it!wait see wot happens then if no help with him i will do as you say or both!its for esa(im on incapicaty)&disabilty&have been for now 11 yrs!i had 2 discs&2 vertabras removed& have bolts instead!it left me nerve damage down one leg&other problems,&fb&athritis.i will let you know wot happens thxs for your help x


Hi Lollypop, so sorry to hear this. I am particularly perturbed by the possibility that this assessment may be carried out (totally inappropriately) by a psychiatrist. Are we going back into the dark ages when we were told that our symptoms were all in our minds and we were referred to a psychiatrist?

Good luck with it all. I hope your rights are taken into account and they change the doctor/other health professional conducting your assessment to one who does have experience in your particular illnesses.

Wishing you a satisfactory outcome.



Hi Lollypop, at least if your assessment is not until the 8th May you have time on your side to contact ATOS if you are not happy with the doctor doing your assessment. You already have the link from Lynn which should help if you do contact them. Hope it all works out for you, take care, Love Angela xx


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