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Why do I feel so guilty? I manage to work full time and I'm having a bit of a FM flare, so I decided to take 1 day off to rest and I feel so bad....didn't even tell work the real reason I am off!!! The thing is I feel like people are sick of hearing about my 'illness' and don't really understand about it. I sometimes think my hubby , who is a wonderful support, gets sick of hearing about it. To be honest I get sick of feeling and thinking about it!

rant over - sorry

Jax :)

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no you are so right like i said in a blog yesterday it is so much easier to say your ok than rant off to others exactly what is wrong and thats what we all do . it is easier and quicker isnt it ?

I know i dont say much to my partner he asks ok i say yeah this morning i said staying in today as bit achey he said yeah good idea but when i say bit achey he really don t get it bless but i aint moaning it not his fault it is mine for not saying to him the things i say on here lol love diddle x oh and dont feel guilty about day off you make me feel guilty as i dont even work and know i couldnt lol so good on you for even managing to do that bless you you relax xx


HI jax,

I keep quite about my illnesses too, I Listen to other people about them having a cold or sore throat, and i all i think is 'well your going to get better, i am not'.

My partner asks how i am but i never tell the truth as i would be moaning at him none stop.

I feel so guilty wasting my days away with resting, i have to rest even after putting some washing in the machine, its so annoying.

Hope the day off work helps you. :)

hugs, kel xxxxx


Wooh freaky .... Jax i could have wrote this. this exactly how i feel hun!!! Horrid isnt it. i took monday off and felt guilty ( used holiday, )

Could have done with the wk off really. As for people being sick of your illness, i totally get that, i can hear the bored tone in their voice feels like i have to apoligies all the time.

My hubby is also very supported but like us all, gets fed up. We do not have any dependants, so we work to live, enjoy life to the max. Go places and do things. But lately if i work i am exhausted and cant do anything and if i rest i am exhausted with no money. Catch 22 really.

We have a 10 day holiday to turkey booked in early June, I am panicing if i will be up to it , i have not said anything to hubby, but i have enquired about changing the flight detaills so his cousin can go in my place, i know he will be disappointed but id rather not go than spoil his holiday.

Sorry for ramble but this really struck a cord, better go got tears in my eyes what a silly billy i am. See what you do fibro!!

Just relax and chill look after your self, let all other thoughts float away, take care lou x


Just want to send you a big gentle hug hun,

You are not a silly billy!!!!!!!

kel xxxx


Ah thanks Kel, Just got all emotional this morning. This site is so good, sometimes reading blogs is like talking to myself, ( I do tend to do that a lot too lol)

After a day full of rain rain rain, Dreaming of long lazy days in the sun has kept me going. So had a change of heart, I have a focus and a goal I will make it, Can you hear that determination lol.

so "Turkey here I come".

Lou x x


Thanks guy's I appreciate your comments. As for the catch 22 Lou I with ya all the way. My hubby was made redundant last year...still no job so I feel under even more pressure work wise. In all honest I really need to stay home and deal with my fibro!!

Take care guys hope you all have a good day xx


I am sorry your hubby has not found work, i know exactly how you feel. My partner was out of work for half of last year and it was so hard. It was because of a friend that he got a job, not the job centre, they were useless.

I hope he finds work soon, no wonder you feel guilty hun.

Big hugs, kel xxxx


Oh Jax, bless ya, Really is a difficult time for you guys, a added pressure on top of trying to manage your fibro.

Redundancy is so hard and very rife at the moment, my hubby's company have made many job cuts last year and this year. It feel like a waiting game. Sending you both my best wishes, hope some news on the job front.

Lou x


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