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22 years with my employer


Have been off sick for six months as my employers withdrew all support of home working and they gave me no option but to go off sick they have now decided to take me to a hearing to try and dismiss me on capability I'm gutted we are facing becoming homeless any advice would be helpful I have never been so low and the only way forward and to take the burden of my loved ones is to try and take enough meds so I go to sleep and don't wake up yet I'm not even strong enough to do that there no light at the end of the tunnel

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I'm no expert on employment law but I would hope they can't do that! After 22 years that is a disgrace. If it were me I'd go to an employment lawyer, or your Union if you have one.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone can give you the advice you need, or even a starting point.

I feel let down and insulted for you 🐸

bigfattoe in reply to Sorebones

Yes they done it too me when my son died suddenly had a good job..went off sick with depression due to inforseen circumstances my son dying...them gave my job away to somebody eles..put me through sheer hell...i was there 5years...shameful but it was done ..behind my back.took them to court and won

But never got my job bak..just money...hopeless....


I'm so sorry to hear the problems you are having at work. Do you belong to a Union? If so I would suggest that you get in touch with them urgently.

Your employment contract cannot just be terminated.

Another member of Admin, Ken (The Author) will be along later and I'm pretty sure he will have some links for you as to where you can seek help.

You are not a burden to your loved ones. They would be completely lost without you. If you really feel that you can't cope can I please in the kindest way possible suggest that you call the Samaritans on 116 123. They will listen to you without any judgment whatsoever.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but maybe it's just not shining brightly enough for you to see it right now.

Please message me if you would like to chat some more.

Wishing you wellness and much peace

Lu xx

Hi wendzwoo

Don't despair I'm sure there is plenty that can be done. Others have advised as above. I presume you've been in receipt of SSP for 6 months so now you should be entitled to ESA. You may also be entitled to housing benefit and council tax allowance. I don't know who you are employed by or if you've been paying into a pension scheme? Your employment cannot just be terminated.

Hi Wendzoo

I have read your post with so much pain and sorrow for what you are having to endure at this time, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue.

I have pasted you a link to the GOV.UK cache on capability hearings, and during the first hearing you should only be issued with a written warning as set out in section 6.3 of the pdf file on the link:


It is also very important that you request an 'Occupational Therapy Assessment' prior to this hearing, so you can be assessed on capability. I was wondering if you were in a union? If so, it is important to get advice and representation from them for the hearing?

Our mother site FMA UK has a dedicated benefits helpline that you may find useful as they may be able to tell you what benefits that you could apply for should you lose your employment. They can also give you information from a site called Benefits and Work which is loaded with useful employment rights information. I have pasted you the link below:


I would also like to add that you should not face this alone! Please talk to somebody about this and how it is making you feel. Discuss it with your GP who may be able to refer you for counselling? Or ring the Samaritans, I have pasted a link below to a post that I wrote with all of the Samaritans telephone numbers on it:


Please take care of yourself and let us know how you get on? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Ken can you put up contact details for Janet about benifts advise I can't find it ,and a couple of newbies could do with her email ,and tel.no

Hugs Chris

Of course my friend, I shall do that shortly. I shall create a pinned post for it x :)

Hi Ken pp sorted it just saw , but think it would help if it was a bit more easier to find , with my my foggy head. 😉

I have placed a pinned post anyway, so they will be easier to find in future x :)

I saw xx



Hi wendzoo. I read your post and realised It could be me you are writing about. I was not allowed to work from home given the job I did. i did refer myself to Occupational health early doors and joined the union who I have to say have been marvellous. From experience, your employer will take advantage of your vulnerability if you do not have representation (I was actually told that by an HR representative). I have suffered me/Cfs, fibre and associated illnesses for over 8 years and before was full of life and enthusiasm). I went off sick at the end of 2013 am two years down the line with work having periods where I truly tried to get back to work (determined not to let this illness beat me) on staged returns but probably in hindsight have ended up doing myself more harm than good. I am now waiting on a decision on ill health retirement. It means a dramatic cut in income for me and I only hope I get enough money to allow me to pay for the treatments and care I do not get in NHS and have to pay for myself. No income doesn't bear thinking about as that means no treatment and no hope of recovery bar a miracle! I too sleep most days and have little energy to function never mind work and the stress of dealing with OH, HR and UNIONS only exacerbate the situation. Somewhere in the depths of the darkness I keep thinking things will improve and, with each little step I make or hoop I jump through, I might even find a snippet of improved health in that light at the end of the tunnel. Take care and as these good people here are telling you, speak to someone. Speak to your Union about your job but seek counselling re your feelings.

It is hard I know but I once was told never make a life changing decision when you are having a bad day

'as this to shall come to pass'.. Good advice 💜💜 Jax 💕

Others have given you marvellous advice. Please don't panic as it is always darkest before the dawn. My husband was dismissed on health grounds about 9 months after going off sick after 38 years with the same company and exactly a year later I was dismissed on health grounds after working 20 years for a charity and it is a shattering experience.

We were fortunate in several ways as we had managed to pay off our mortgage, had no children and had saved some money for when we retired as we had plans ( no gone down the pan).

As others have said if you are in a union do get representation so if you have to go you get this best terms. Do get advice on benefits from one of the organisations such as CAB and our mother site and places like Turn2us. The GOV.UK site has good information. If you fear homelessness contact Shelters advice line.

If you have specific questions there are many knowledgeable people who probably have been through similar in experiences so do ask.

Have you applied for benefits like ESA if you are no longer being paid AMD Income support, etc.

You are not on your own, your family would rather have you there even with little money than be without you. I know both my husband and I in our darkest hours felt the other one would be better off without us but then we realised rationally that love was the only thing that mattered and that somehow pulling together we would get through it.

Come on here and get support don't worry in isolation as we are all behind you.x


You have been given some good advice from others so I wont repeat it. Just want you to know you are not alone as I too have been in this situation. I worked in a really stressful job for 13 years and the last 9 months of that I was off sick. I saw occ health several times and got my union rep involved from the beginning who even tried to get my employer to redeploy me but they were having none of it. From the time ssp ended I was able to apply for ESA contribution based. It is really hard no longer working not just financially but also because I miss my work mates but I know I could no longer work because of the fibro and other conditions I have. I have found this site invaluable and the support from it has helped me so much. Hope things turn out ok for you. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


I had a similar experience with an employer and I went to a employment solicitor and she resigned on my behalf because she felt they were being unreasonable she then proceeded to take them to court for unfair constructive dismissal, she said they had made working for them impossible I won the case and was awarded compensation so maybe you should talk to an employment solicitor most big firms have one and as you are obviously having financial difficulties (you said you could lose your house) you should be eligible for legal aid good luck 🍀

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