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sleep !!!!!

hi everyone just a quicky

i am having a flair up and i sleep when i am bad

so up thismorning had brecfast then sleep

up had dinner then sleep just woke up at 4 30 feed dogs and need to go back to sleep

but befor i do i need these pills to take the edge of the pain then back to sleep

then up at 8 to take night pills

then back to sleep but befor all that the pain in all my body is just soooooo bad to day . and if pain in my chest was on the left then i would be soooo scired right about now

so by for now and will see you when this all stops maybe in a few days

so soft hugs to you all and hope you are all as good as you can be xxx

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Sorry to hear you feel so rough Kath, good you can sleep a bit though at least that means your body is resting. Hope you get well soon. Take care, Love Angela xx


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