Can anyone associate their start of fibro with having symphis pubis and sacroiliac dysfunction during pregnancy?

I had a horrendous painful pregnancy 11 years ago. Had a split pelvis, sacroiliac pain, fallen arches, excessive weight gain. Birth was traumatic as well. I'm sure this was the trigger for my fibro, just wondered if anyone else has a similar experience?

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  • I had a lot of probs with my coxcys and pubic bones during most of my pregnancies, I still have problems with my coxcys now 14 yrs after giving birth last, Ive never linked the 2 though

  • Hi lally

    Thanks for responding :). I only had the one child as I just couldn't go through it again and was also advised due to the severity of the split I'd end up in a wheelchair. I did have lower back probs before the pregnancy though but have always said that my body never have arthritis in feet and spine, sacroiliac as well.

    Mind you I should have had another child as I've just been measured for a wheelchair lol! You gotta laugh or you'd never stop crying! Hope you have a good day.

    Gentle hugs

    G xxx

  • know how you feel about wheelchair, mine arrived last week

  • I noticed last week on one of your posts that you received your wheelchair. Should make a big difference to you. How are you finding using the chair? Hopefully I'll not have to wait too long for mine. Take care

    G xxx

  • Hi there grumpy,

    I didnt have problems with my pregnancy, but i had a horrendous birth, She got stuck and they actually rived her out of me. She was dead for 12 minutes and thankfully she hasnt got cerabyl palsy but she has erbs palsy and she isnt the same as mey other children. Anyway this is what gave me fibro so i totally believe traumatic births can give you fibro.

    Good luck with the wheelchair and i have that frame of mind ;if you didnt laugh you would cry'. I either laugh or cry, theres no inbetween with me lol.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi Kel

    Glad your Daughter made it. Like you when my son was born he wasn't breathing but they managed to revive him. My son is Autistic, ADHD and has Tourettes. I blame it all on his traumatic birth. I also am convinced this was my trigger for fibro.

    But hey ho! I wouldn't change him for the world. He's made me a better person. I'm more patient, caring, understanding, less judge mental of others and loving. Just wish everyone else in society was the same.

    Gentle hugs xxx


  • HI glenda,

    My daughter is hard work, but like you i wouldnt change her for the world. I f i get too mad with her it clicks in my brain that i am lucky she is here, so bed time is always full of kisses.

    My very good friends little boy is autistic and he is lovely, she absolutly dotes on him. She gets plenty of grief with strangers because of him, so like you again i wish everyone else in society was the same as you.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • bless you both you ahve really had it rough thats awfukll to have to go through all that with a new baby when you are meant to be enjoing it love to you both diddle x

  • Thanks Diddle

    Always feel I missed out on the whole experience of becoming a mum as I was in so much pain. The first time I managed to take him out in his pram he was 9 weeks old. I was on my way back home and the heavens decided to open up. I was soaked through walking like a duck lol!!! I must have looked like such a pitiful sight that a passing police car stopped and offered to drive us home ( I was only 2 doors away from my house, typical). Thought that was really nice of them.

    Gentle hugs

    Glenda xxx

  • I havent used my chair yet, just taking it slowly

  • i had symphis pubis with all my pregnancies except the first ,

    also had traumatic births aswell ,why i had five i have no idea lol ,short memory i think lol ,

    but idefo think it was the start of my fibro xxx

  • hi grumpy, I had exactly all that in with my second pregnancy , though didn't relate it to fibro - as I also ended up with severe post natal depression, for a very long time.

    As you can imagine it took me 3 or 4 years to get fibro diagnosis as dr kept telling me i was still depressed, which i definitely knew the difference. My daughter is now nearly 18 and in the years I've had falls caused by weakened muscle tone and 8 years ago had to undergo surgery for major slipped disc, caused by fall.

    You have certainly made me think with this question

  • j

    ust noticed this post i had this wheni had my daughter 25 years ago have acute fibro use an electric wheelchair never associated it with fibro got me thinking now x

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