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Pregnant with fibro

I am 12 weeks pregnant and since conception the pain has been horrendous! I have been taking paracetamol and gritting my teeth alot! Went to see the midwife yesterday and she said they can prescribe low dose amytriptiline and codeine whilst I'm pregnant?? Am not very sure if I want to take them as I'm worried about harming my baby :( I wondered if anyone else has taken these while pregnant?? Any advice would be great :)

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you can have codeine in pregnancy as i did and my daughter fine, they just dont let you in first trimester or last few weeks pregnancy so baby not dopey when come out.

have no idea about amytriptiline though xx


hi really have no idae i think i would research this a bit more if i was were you babies are very precious little cargo s and i would not twant to do anything to damage my little cargo at all so i would have a couple of days talking to gp s and midwives before i made my mind up then what ever you decide you go with i was terrible when i was pregnant would not eat nuts liver anything with eggs take any tablets have alcohol be around smoke it jus a personal thing but please check it out beteer to be safe than sorry love to you and congrats on baby it is lovely news a new baby cheers everyone up see a fibromyalgia positivity day and you cant get more positive than that can you woo woo

love diddle x



My husbands work involves checking drugs are safe for unborn babies, I don't think your midwife would prescribe you something during pregnancy that would harm your baby.

You could google it to give you peace of mind.

Hugs xxxxxxx


Hi Vixen, congratulations, I think you are having our first "Fibro" baby since I have been on this site.

Can't say either way about medication as I have never been in that position. However, can you put up with the pain if you are worried about taking medicine. if not then you have to guided by your Midwife and GP. I'm sure you will do the right thing for both you and your baby. Take care, Love Angela xx


Thanks everyone for the advice :) have an appointment with my consultant next week so think I'll wait and see what he thinks.

And yes soooo happy and excited whilst worrying half to death that things will be ok. Lots and lots of emotions at the min!!

But I know that once I hold my precious little bundle in my arms every minute of the pain will have been worth it...and that thought has got me through some very painful moments!

Much love to you all and thanks again :) xx


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