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spasms are litteraly a pain in the back!

Hi everyone, hope you are all ok since I last wrote on

The last week or so my back has been having spasms at the base, but could not sleep at all last night, so just watched time tick by untill time to get up, as was up for half 5am due to covering for my head chef...went to stand and I couldnt, my back had gone, the pain was just terrible. didnt matter what i did or took the pain wouldnt ease...i thought how the hell will I get through the day not just doing my shift but doing chef role also 15 hrs ahead of me.....well guys dont ask me how, but i did it, just another 4 to go then my chef is back, thank god... next week my hubby goes away on training for re-deployment for afghanistan, what will I do? who will help....quite worried. :(

couldnt even put my socks on this morn due to my back, ha ha felt like i was 5 years of age waiting for hubby to help me....

going to bed now, in so much pain all over again. night night, hope you are all having an easier tym of things than me at the min.xxxxxx

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Like Jules said, hats off to your hubby.

Re your socks, when I had my back op they gave me what I can only discribe as like a litter picker. It was to help me pick things up as I couldn't bend and........also to help me dress and put my socks on :-) I expect you can buy them from disability shops. It may help whilst he is away.

Thinking of you.

Hugs xxxxxxxx


hi carolynn my doc gave diazepam for my spasms i get them terrible in my lower back but diazepam works a treat for me love Tofty xx


Hi there, a huge salut to your Hubby, and ofcourse you as you are left at home without him. I get muscle spasms all over and they r truly a pain especially when you r trying to sleep. Take care of yourself, night x


thank u, ill send the hubby all your i'm sure he and all the guys appreciate to here well i just about managed the week, without major drama.... hope u have all had a gud wkend.xx


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