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Still in pain

Evening all hope your having a pay free night. I have had lower back pain for years then at xmas my muscles in my back went into spasms pain in my groin and leg and burning itching spine, plus other symptoms. Doc has put me on pregabalin and given me strong anti flamatry cream for my back. But iam still in pain when the meds wear off, went to see him the other day about my water works and told him he said double the pregabalin and pain killers and that was that. Iam so fed up with being pushed to one side all the time as you all know fibro comes with many many little friends and fed up of it all :((( sorry for the rant I want to scream at my doc atm

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Hi Gilly2111

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these problems. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Ken thankyou for your reply iam so fed up of being made to feel like there not listening to me. Pain is pain and when you feel like no one cares it's so frustrating. Hope you are well and take care x


Hi Gilly I know exactly where you are coming from but I just want to scream at the whole world . I wonder if it is a baying moon tonight.? I know not it is very starry though twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are.......


Thankyou for your reply hunny, and if we all scream out to the world maybe they will start taking notice. Hope you are well and take care . X



Please research Dr. John Lowe, who worked with and studied CURED his Fibromyalgia patients with natural dessicated thyroid and t3 thyroid meds.

It really sometimes seems, that some people want to stay ill. Maybe not you, but some people and i think many people with " fibromyalgia" are too drugged to research their condition. My friend knew about Dr. Lowe's research 15 years ago or so. She had his book and told me about it. She never tried his protocol and went on Lyrica, Morphene, Antidepressants and Anti psychotics, Seraquil for sleep. She uses a motorized wheelchair, slurrs her speech, rather than look into the fact, that many with Fibro. symptoms can become non existent , once their metabolism is normalized. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, developed Autoimmune Thyroid and was given thyroid meds..i have no Fibromyalgia symptoms anymore.

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Wow, some friend!!

Whilst I welcome any alternatives to chemical medicines, I find your introduction to Dr. Lowe was insulting and disrespectful to many suffers of FM. I for one maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle,( I will not go into the in's and out's). I have a positive outlook to my life and overall despite the many, VERY existent symptoms, I will continue to do so.



I was an FM sufferer and it was magically "cured" with Thyroid meds..odd. No amount of healthy lifestyle is going to bring your metabolism/thyoid hormone resistance or hypothyroidism back to normal and stop your symptoms. . I have been there, done that. I was only trying to share my knowledge, up very late trying to make sure i got the info right and you take it as an insult???!!!! OMG!!!

Good Luck!

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I can see both view points here in the last three posts, and I am sorry you both feel upset.

For me, Emails often come across as stronger words than they are intended to be.

I had not heard of Dr Lowe. To me, any information which might just help me, is empowering, interesting so I'm glad to recieve it.

I can't look now but I am sure I once read, on the Thyroid site, about controversy re the tests, so I will check that out again ASAP.

Uh oh, it's Monday AGAIN !

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