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Morning all what a nice morning well it is down here in Wiltshire I had 3hrs sleep so not to bad Back still not up to much so using a stick today again just put washing mashine on Doreen is still fast asleep thats good needs here rest away from helping me and my Dad at 91 he does not do to bad so off now to sort out Breakfast for him soft hugs )))) Allan .

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bless you iwish i had an allan to put my wash on and do my breakfast lol x

yeah it brilliant sunshine here too so taking doggy up road in bit and then wait or car to finish on e bay i hope it sells we need to get rid of it so she can pay for the new onw lol she paid most od it but that would be it paid in full lol oh well you never know with e bay love to you and gold star for allan today for doing all those jobs xxx love diddle x


Morning Allan, Diddle and everyone :)

I've not been up long so that's a nice change for me. I'm usually up about 6am.

The sun is shining here in Cambridgeshire but probably not for long. They forecast rain for every day this next week too. :(

I'm going to my (step) daughter's today, she's cooking Sunday lunch which I'm looking forward to.

Hope everyone has as good a day as you can.

Sue xxx


oh sue thats nice lunch coked for you . always nicer when someone else does it lol hint hint to anyone out there near me !!! only koking i am quite happy with a cake lol

yeah my partner told me it is supposed to rain for 40 days and 40 nights think he has been watching too much telly or reading too many proverb lol anyway at the min sun is shinng so now taking doggy to top of the road and count down to car !!!

i bet no one will bid on it then as soon as it finishes you get the usual oh i forgot to bid on your car and can i offer you this and that to take it today usually silly money but we will see love to you diddle x


diddle do hope that you sell the car ok today hope it does not rain for 40 days :-( our only holiday in 5 weeks time with our family .

Hope you have a good day. Soft hugs )))))

Allan .


Thanks Diddle, apparently it's gammon on the menu :)

Don't fall for any of that rubbish with the car, don't let them have it for silly money.... xx


i am sure your holiday will be fine the sun always shines on the riteous !!! car ends in 45 mins no bids but think people ar going to e mail when it ends and want it cheaper like we all do lol love to you and yours and hope doreen enjoyed her breakfast bless she is a luck y lady love diddle x


Hi diddle It's only Poridge but we all enjoyed it as always do hope you sell the car fingers crossed here have a lovley day soft hugs )))

Allan x


Sue have a nice day out enjoy you sunday Lunch soft hugs ))) Allan


Thanks Allan,

I'm looking forward to it. Got to battle Tesco yet, I'll take some flowers and a bottle of wine. :)

Hope you have a good day too.

Hugs Sue xx


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