good morning

good morning

opps just made big boobs posted on three wrong areas here before i found you all lol had to delete :/

Good morning all I have been up all night and the biggest thing i noticed was my teeth clenching .. I have a sore mouth this morning :/ . I have noticed this before many times but never related it to Fibro ........ > So I went off on my usual search as new things happen and found ......................................................((((((Bruxism is the medical term used to describe teeth grinding, gnashing, or clenching that most frequently affects individuals at night. For people with fibromyalgia syndrome, bruxism represents one type of fibromyalgia symptom that is closely related to sleep disturbances. Bruxism symptoms range from mild to severe, and may require medical treatment to prevent further complications.))))).So again restored to feeling normal as possible and not a mad incoherent mad person who clenches teeth at everyone .sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Hi there,I love the pic!Hehe,it's really funny.I suffer from this myself,I don't know if I do it at night but I get it during the day and I notice it especially when stressed,and it can make my jaw really ache! X

  • Hi Haribo hehehe now i can see you going around all day checking lol yep mine totally especially when the sleepless night starts interesting ummm ....

  • Methinks he needs a new tooth brush ;-) ;-) love the piccie Morwenna :-)

    I too do the clenching thing and the dentist has threatened a tooth guard to sleep with in place. I find it hard enough to sleep anyway and the thought of having that in my mouth would probably ensure even more intransigent insomnia

    Foggy x

  • lmao yes <3 love xxx

  • Hi

    Yes, I also clench and grind my teeth at night and sometimes catch myself clenching during the day - and I'm still talking about teeth by the way ;)

    I have a tooth guard, but I can only use it a few nights before I find it intolerable. I end up taking it out somehow, without realising/waking up. I usually start wearing it again when my grinding wakes my OH. Apparently it sounds horrendous :/

    Like Haribo, stress doesn't help either.

    Pip xx

  • Hi pip no one said about the noise yet but i am snoring now :O xxxxxx

  • Yes I snore too apparently. Occasionally I even wake myself up with a snort ;) My poor OH :) xx

  • heheheheheeh did it in the hairdressers two mins i was there gone snoring away hahahahahhaa :* they still remind me today lol

  • Excellent :) xx

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