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Hi All,

I can't believe it! I have been told that, my cervical shows, i have degenerative changes in the Anteroinferior edge of c6 vertebrae. on the lateral view. I have been told this is arthritis. I am so not happy because although i have been given more painkillers, They can't do anymore with my spine. I have been told to have time off work and that i can't work now. My doctor said to comeback in 4 weeks and we will take a look then, To see about working but he said no to work. So i said if i am not to work then what is going to change in 4 weeks? from kerry x

I was also told i still have my fibromyalgia, so therefore i have got arthritis and fibromyalgia and still the cfs!

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Hi Kerry, gentle hugs,

You're not alone sweetie, I too have the exact same guy, Arthur Itis, attacking the same C6 vertebrae - as well as the fibro, CFS and PTSD. It never rains but it pours for us fibromites ehh?

Carol x



how do you cope? can you still work? from kerry


Hi Kerry, sounds like you are in the wars. Keep your chin up, you know where we are if you need to chat, complain, etc. Love Angela xx


Cervical spinal damage may be perpetuating your Fibro symptoms through Positional Cervical Cord Compression (unless it's bad enough to drop the "Positional"!). This is a relatively new concept to come out of research into Fibro, but the results so far have been compelling.

Physical therapy to help you minimise the pressure on your neck can help if this is the case.


hi aw bless you dont be scared just think about the options and if it is going to give you a better quality of life or ease some of te pain then weigh iyt all up and decide if it is worth doing it love to you diddle x


Hi all,

Thankyou all for your information.

Love and hugs to all,



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