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5htp seems to be helping

I have been taking 5htp from holland and barret for the last two months and have noticed an improvement in my energy levels and I'm not feeling as depressed as I was. I take on in the morning and one at night. I have also found they help me to fall asleep easier, sleep deeper and for longer. I have tried so many other supplements but nothing has worked 'till now. Still looking for something to help with the pain, one day I hope that will ease too, I live in hope!

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hi i am so glad that this works for you an it may work for others too but i would have to check with my gp first as i hope others would do as yo dont know if it could mess about with your other meds / but it is funny how different things work love diddle x


I think 5HTP is the best thing ever. It is the only way to get the amino acid tryptophan in tablet form. Its totally natural and can be gained from high protien foods mainly milk, turkey, and tuna. I always used to recommended it to my customers when I worked for the above mentioned company. Obv I take it myself.


Thank you for your concern, I'm so glad to have found people who understand. I asked the pain consultant about the 5htp when I saw him on the 17th of this month and he said that if I had no negative side effects then it was ok. He also mentioned that some of his patients have had postitive results from taking zinc. He did add that he could not recommend any suppliments as that was not his field. I mostly take tramadol, and when the pain gets too bad paracetamol and codeine. I have tried pregabalin, amitryptiline, phentimine patches, gabapentin etc.etc.etc. I hit an all time low due to the relentless pain and exhaustion and considered ending it all. I tried to get advice from my GP but he says he can't comment on suppliments. I don't feel that he is as understanding as some GPs. I read on another FM forum about 5htp and tried it. I pray it won't have any bad effects on my health, but when pain and fatigue have stolen a once very active life, I am desperate to find a little relief. Thanks for your support.

Gentle hugs, Suzanne xx


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