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Pain pain pain

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, seronegative arthritis in February and have been struggling a year prior to diagnosis. I'm in pain 24/7. Not always high end scale pain but it's always there. I'm struggling so much recently. 2 years ago I was a lively gym enthusiast who enjoyed life. Now I hardly leave my house, hardly see anybody, I struggle to walk some days because the arthritis has cause hip bursitis in my hips and I recently had surgery on my knee so an old injury which had made it unstable. I'm missing life and missing my energy.

I'm currently on

sulfasulizine, Mirtazapine, amitripyline, naproxen, codeine, paracetamol and sertaline. I only started the Mirtazapine last night and really worried about the side affects. (Anger, aggression and weight gain)

what my post is about is finding solutions that will work to help me begin to enjoy life again and try to feel myself. I'm willing to try anything. I want to go back to work, I want to enjoy my children, I want to enjoy time with my husband instead of been a grumpy person that always seems to be in bed. I worked hard a few years ago to lose weight, settle down and now I'm back to feeling useless. We are struggling financially as my husband has moved out, I'm worrying 24/7 struggling daily. I'm so fed up

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Im with you there. I feel I am at breaking point. I was diagnosed with Sero neg RD and fibro March 2014 and after being tried on Sulfasalazine and MTX which I couldnt take because of side effects, in Feb 2015 lost my job through ill health and now struggling to keep head above water then in April 2015 was told by Rheumy I havent got inflammatory disease because the drugs havent worked and blood doesnt show inflammation and discharged back to my GP because apparantly I have refused treatment which is a complete lie. If I havent got inflammatory disease how can I be refusing treatment for something I supposedly havent got? and if it isnt inflammatory disease why have they been treating me? Now because I have lost my job I have to claim benefits and the Rheumy dept have made me look like a liar and say I have refused treatment so they have jeopardized my claim and I dont know what I am going to live on. I also have osteoarthritis in many joints and cant walk without aids and fall over a lot. I too am in constant pain of varying degrees. I am so angry I cant stop crying. Sorry I am not much help to you. Its so hard when you used to be an active independant person to become sick all the time and unable to do what we used to. It is life changing. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


Hi Flossyjoolz

It seems as though you are going through a horrible time to. it is awful when you don;t have the health professionals on your side especially when you have to go through all the hoops to apply for benefits.

Fibro is a life changing experience and as I have said to Victoria it is as though we have to go through a period of grieving for the old us.

Hope that you can get some good help from your GP.x


Bless you rosewine. Its true we are grieving for our old selves and I dont think the professionals think of that when they diagnose us rightly or wrongly. I have spent the last year trying to come to terms with something and now turns out it might not be that! Gp appointment next week so will speak to him about it. Thank you. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


Victoria & Joolz ... Sending caring concern to both of you. Wishing resolution for your pain, and your situation, each of you ... and to all our mutual forum members, as well.


Bless you BaffledKaffy.


My Dr has told me to keep moving. The couch and remote are not my friend... I just broke my leg and am on a wheel chair for btwo months so I am flat Angry. I feel your frustration. But I'm not giving on yet.

Let's live in the solution not the problem my mom says. Irritates me cus I ewant to whine a bit but she is right. If a bullfrog had wings....

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Hey, cctexan, Anger is often the best thing to keep us away from the "pit" of self-pity ... I'm happy to hear your aggressive feelings coming to the forefront in what could have become a negative situation for you.

My Doctors all say the same thing about keeping active, and "don't let that old rockin' chair get you" ... (I don't even HAVE one, but guess they're speaking to "Grammy" here, w/the rocker talk!)

Keep those "wheels rollin'" on that chair, and your time in it will be hopefully seem over quickly ...


I still fluctuate between anger and crying right now my self ho estly. But I think its just confusion over all the info at once. We sure do have to learn a lot of " can't s" all at once it seems.

Doesn't help being on this cvhsir having to ask for meals or help w little things.

Is it a precursor of the future I think and then shove that away. I'm more perturbed over the Dingdong's that watch me lugging this chair in and out of my car whilst hopping on one foot in the mud. And these are my friends srg!

It should motivate us to not let this get us! I found some hydro tubs for the house I'm going to save for and see if Dr will write durable medical prescription for. That means insurance pays s big chunk. Same think for a bed. W a gel top no less. Future plans for us right?

Goofy hugs to all who want them!

Off to get a butt massage from hubby😅


Hi Victoria

Just popped this reply back on as it seemed to come out in the wrong place.

So sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. I had to stop taking Mirtasapine unfortunately after three weeks as it was making me feel as though I was having what I can only describe as Angina like pains but apart from that I found that my pain and mood had improved slightly even in that short period and was very upset in having to stop it. I didn't find that I was aggresive or grumpy at all I had even started humming again to myself so I do hope it suits you.

I think you will find so many of us here were the same as you and very active and suddenly came down with a bump. It takes quite a bit of time to adjust to this illness and I liken it to the grieving process in that we have to grieve for the loss of the old us and accept the new person we have become. It can be very hard on our nearest and dearest to adjust to this change in us to.

The more you worry about things the worse you will unfortunately feel as stress can have a really negative effect on fibro. Try and be gentle with yourself and get as much rest as possible because fatigue also plays a part in all this.

Hope you will be feeling better soon and the news meds work for you.x

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OK. I'm official ly on your rollercoaster. I've flip flopped 17 times since you wrote this doll.

I wanted to say. I broke out my clonopin the other day and slept for a good 14 hours. Plus they have taken me off tramadol b/c I was flipping out verbally and sleep wise. Down to 3_4 hours a night. So the nurse said to try just the hydrocodone.

Apparently those two work for me. Not something I wanted due to how hard those are to get her e....but I thought I would mention it. I had no burning or nerve pain. And I could enjoy snuggling in bed... That's been years. The clonopin was 18 months old lol


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