Pain in my ribs/back

Hi all

Wonder if anyone else has the symptoms I do?

I had my gallbladder out 3 months ago and thought the pain I had in my ribs/shoulder/back were to do with the gallstones. I thought wrong. Since the removal of my gb I still have pain, not the intense pain I had with the gallstones but this awful pulled muscle type pain all over my right hand side. I have been back to GP and had all sorts of tests and they can find nothing wrong!! I am sure they think I am a hypochondriac!

Sorry for the moan, but we all know what having to put up with a new pain is like on top of our everyday pains, it tips me over the edge!


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  • Could it,maybe be.yre tummy and all yre other bits settling down after yre gb being taken out.depends how long ago.and im not a doctor.give it time.if not seek a second opinion.

  • Snap... I too have had my gallbladder out .... But have suffered with pain in neck shoulder and ribs for years.... Someday I can't wear a bra ... It's the first symptom that appeared after my fibro diagnosis..... Chostochondritis. All the ligaments that join your ribs to sternum and spine get sore to the touch and then you breathe shallower which makes you feel out of breath then your shoulder and neck tense with stress mine was mainly on the left side but has slowly spread over 20 years to both side. Look it up if that seems to describe your pain go back to your gp or another gp and ask about this... My old fantastic gp was really clued up and he spotted it immediately .. The hospital where I had my gallbladder out had no interest in this and when I explained I needed pain relief that would help my chostocondritis after the op they ignored me ... I discharged myself and came home and took my pain med for chostocondritis and it eased the gb pain too

    Good luck .. Don't stand the pain... I am moving gp surgery on weds due to old dr retiring and the rest of the practice seem to think as fibro can't be cured they are not going to give out meds constantly to help with pain as it will blow their budget which could be used on curing people.. Yeah also got told to distress and snap out of it.... We don't need gps like this and it was the lovely people on here who gave me the courage to move gps.

  • I've had mystery rib/back pain for a long time. It comes for a few days/weeks then eases again. I've not noticed any pattern it just happens. I had my stomach scanned because I told the doctor I felt like I had a mass, swelling type feeling in my abdomen. Everything on the scan was clear but the pains a kind of bruised 'full' feeling still comes and goes. Nothing with Fibro surprises me anymore. Xx

  • I too had my gallbladder out 15yrs ago now, and have had nothing but stomach problems.Ive had the same sort of pain now since the 19th july this yr.After numerous trips to my GP and one vist to A&E I am going tomorrow to have a scan as my gp thinks its kidney stones, and hes refered me to have another camera down throat for my stomach as I now have a hernia which was found on another examination 2yrs ago.Hes also changed my medication and put me on lanzoprazol 30mg twice a day , which has stopped the burning in my chest and throat.the pain in my back and undeer ribs on the right side has sometimes been unbearable

  • Ooh Kath that sounds awful. I must admit a couple of times I thought I was having a heart attack and I'm only 42! I sometimes have to sleep sitting up as that is the only way the pain is bearable enough for me to sleep. Lying on my side seems to make it worse almost like something is pressing down deep into my rib area. I was on Omeprazole for 3+ years but he took me off that and now I am on 150mg Ranitadine twice a day. I don't think it's my stomach but when my gp examined me the middle of my upper stomach was very painful! which was a surprise as it had never been before. He says it is gastritis but I am not so sure! I did think of kidney probs as the pain is in that area of my upper back. But all of my blood tests came back as normal :0( so now I have the job of convincing my gp to do further tests. I wish any of the gps in my surgery were more approachable and listened properly.

    I do think once you have the Fibromyalgia label they tend to think of you as a hypochondriac or just another visit with yet another fibro symptom. Sorry to moan I just feel so alone!

    Thanks for the replies


  • Had my gall bladder out 35 years ago and still suffering/ Dont know how many times I have been in hospita;l and nothing has been found. However about 4 years ago they decided to do a scan and found that I had a dilated bile duct which flares up and becomes in flammed and there is nothing they can do about - just get on with it. Still have to watch everything I eat and even though I take Lansparozoleand nightimes can be a nightmare. Think the mucus falls down my throat during the night and irritates that part of my stomach where my gall bladder had been. Always sore every morning till I get something down me to eat. Have exactly the same pain as gall stones - even my jaw. Also affects my bowel sometimes and stools are very acidic, and have been told that this is because of the bile coming from the duct. Have since devloped a hiatus hernia since having the op all those years ago. So having that was just the beginning of all my many problems.

  • Abbeystead you have just described exactly how I feel, I sometimes have to get up at 4am and eat something and once I have done that the pain in my ribs eases. I do have intermitant bowel problems but always put that down to the IBS/fibro and to be honest I haven't noticed any difference since the gallbladder op. I did some research and came to the conclusion it was excess bile production but the GP didn't listen again! I have even kept a food diary, but there is just no pattern!

    Thanks everyone for the replies, it does help to know I'm not alone.

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