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to day is good

well i had a bad day and night but to day ive got up and in a little pain but so far im coping i feel alive im making the most of it as not sure how long it will last maybe its just cause the sun is shining but hay im not going to knock it just deciding what to do tht wont wear me out im thinking im not going to do anything in fact im just going to potter here and there and see what takes my fancy im hoping some of you out there are feeling the same as me and hose of you that are not im hoping you will get a day very soon i would wish you all a pain free day but i know there is no chance of that so i wont in fact im wishing you all the sun and heat that ive got so it will make you smile. love yo you all

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So pleased you are having a good day. :)

I do hope it carries on for you.

I am having a c**p time at the minute, stress thats causing it but i will get over it.

hugs, kel xxxx


hi kel stress is one of the worse things for fibro sorry you having c..p day sending you love and kisses and soft hugs to try and make it a little stress free


Thankyou tracy xxxxx


Hi Tracy, so good to hear you are having a good day. It gives hope to all of the people reading your blog and who are currently having a bad time. Hope you have found something enjoyable to do today and have had a good time.

Wish I was with you as its been pretty nasty weather here today and quite cold. Take care, Love Angela xx


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