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Ok time is ticking i have got to get my self in gear and get out of the front door it is only about 4 steps to the car but i know i am gonna get battered and soaked even those few steps lol

i just cant wait to get back and get in hot hot bath mmmmmmmmmm

my daughter is having tea with her dad so nothing to do (she does her own anyway lol) or if i do it it is jus a pizza or nuggets and chips so hadly haute cuisine !

ok wish me luck as you wave me goodbye think thats how the song goes !!!

love to you all diddle x

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Hi diddle what sort of night did you have were you able to get some sleep? Enjoy your day out soft hugs squidley


Hope you get back in one piece!!!

Feel bad for you it's a bit winndy here but blue skys and lovely sunshine!!!!

xxx xxx I'll send you sunny thourghts xxx xxx


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