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Experienced some independence yesterday and loved it - suffering today though!!!!

Hi All,

It's been a long time since I last enjoyed the wonderful feeling of independence, due to FM. Most of the time, it hurts too much to drive so I haven't done that for an age, I can't walk too far before I soon feel worn out and can't stand for much more than 5 mins before my back seizes up. The list goes on, but you all know what I'm talking about.

Yesterday however, I had several things I needed to do. Burnie was taking his bike test, so he drove us to the bike centre and I then jumped into the drivers seat. A few adjustments to the seat, wished Burnie good luck and off I went.

It was Flyns' last day off before starting back to school today, so we went in to town to complete the few chores I had to do, and we even stopped for some lunch at a cafe next to the canal. All very civilized and at my own pace and leisure! Flyn was a total gentleman all day, which make a lovely change!

A few more places to pop into after lunch, and we were done. All in all, a very nice day.

There was still an hour or so before we had to pick up Burnie, so I zipped over to the vets to pick up supplies for our poor old cat who is diabetic, then home. Mum -in-law was due over for dinner, so I threw the hoover around downstairs and mopped the kitchen floor. A text comes through from Burnie saying he'd passed his test and could I come pick him up. By this time, I'm dripping with sweat and starting to hurt.

We jumped back in the car and made our way back in to town, congratulated Burnie for passing his test and drove back home. I was already in the drivers seat and he was wearing his bike kit, so it made sense for me to drive back.

I'd left a very important job until the last minute - taking up the hems on Flyns new school trousers! This is where Wonder Web comes in very handy!! Anyway, by the time Mum arrived (with one of our nieces in tow), I had already pinned all the hems on all four of his trousers into place, and now it was the ironing part to do. I DETEST ironing, but especially TROUSERS!!

After the first pair, I decided that as he at least had a pair ready to wear for the morning, that was all I was going to do, and informed Burnie that the other 3 pairs were ready for him to iron tomorrow!

We sat down to Burnies' delicious Meatloaf, enjoying general conversation through dinner. By the time Mum and Keira left, it was time for Flyn to get a shower and ready for bed. What a surprise, he'd not got any of his stuff ready for school! Mad dash to get everything organised.

Finally, about 8.45pm, Burnie and I finally get to sit down in peace and quiet. By 9.30pm, I was off to bed. It had been a long day, but I'd really enjoyed that complete feeling of freedom and independence that I'd not had for such a long time. I crawled into bed feeling pretty satisfied with myself.

Then I woke up this morning.....

I didn't have the best night sleep, as per usual, and I hurt EVERYWHERE!

Was it worth it? YOU BET!!!!!!!

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you bet it was i conjoured up a lovely picture book story of you yesterday and how lovely you must have felt and yes it was worth it i done that on friday done too much with my nieces and ended up going out or meal with them and my sister and got home at 9 pm when i was expecting to sit down all bathed by 6pm and had horrible night sleep or no sleep and also ached all over but was it worth big fat YES love to you diddle x


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