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Sorry people i am afraid it was the same for me last night think i lept for hour to hour and half if that then i needed to go to toilet o got up then i couldnt get back to sleep so i will soon hold the world record for the woman who can survive with the least sleep lol

well gotta laugh now or i would cry ha ha .

now taking doggy up to the top of the road as the street lights are now coming on and it i so cold and there is frost on the cars weird

hope all you with kidies backto school today are ok and not oin a horrible way looking forward to peace and quiet and you can rest a bit more and your purses will remain shut lol they go back tues here .

oh well love to you diddle x

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I've had four hours sleep in the last two days so know how you feel! Just been out de-icing Lenns car so he can go to work, blumin hurt but hey, I like to do my bit!

Hope you have a good day sweetie xxxxxxx



I know the feeling only too well! I take 30mg Amitryptaline, 150mg sertraline, 75mg pregabalin and I still cant sleep!I feel myself falling asleep then I get a "night sweat" so I throw the duvet off then I am too cold so I get the top sheet and pull it over me and I get too hot!!! My feet are constantly out of the bed, sometimes on the bed frame to cool them down, and before I know it I see 3am!!! Then I need a wee!!! You know the drill right?

I hate being like this, but what can we do........

Hope the sun is shining where you are, cos its gorgeous here!

L xxx


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