Early morning feet and ankles... Fibro related?

Hey guys, I've got an annoying problem and wandered if it's fibro related or not?... Off and on for the last few weeks I've been woken up by an immense pain in one or both of my ankles. The pain doesn't feel like my autoimmune arthritis its like a deep intense ice cream headache sort of pain and I can't physically get out of bed until its past asI can't actually move my feet and ankles until it has past. The last three mornings it has happened every morning and this morning it was accompanied by a deep and painful pain/burning in the sole of my right heel. Could this be fibro related and does anyone else get this. It's driving me mad! Argh! Xxx

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  • Morning I get this but not every morning sort of comes in spates an then it goes making me quite blazza untill it cripples me again. I find I have to get up on the feet like cramp. I havent a clue what we can do warm packs are favourite or a warm shower as long as you are safe. xgins

  • Unfortunately I can't do anything for it as I can't move with it to get out of bed so just have to sit it out but thank you xxxb

  • hmmmm...mine are always on fire!! Also like pins and needles poking into them.Along with swelling and pain.When I overdo it I get severe cramps like a charlie horse.....Have u tried to exercise your feet before getting up? A doctor should check you...maybe its that you arent getting proper circulation....do you have diabetes as well?

  • Unfortunately, the idea of exercising isa no go as I can't physically move them at all when it happens. I have been wandering about diabetes as just lately I've suffered extreme thirst, weeing and dizzy spells. I have been borderline off and on for years. Thank you xxx

  • I expect this is fibro - it sounds like the sort of thing my feet do to me in the mornings, and hands too.

    It would be wise to get this checked out by your GP, tho', as diabetes and circulatory/neurological problems can cause these symptoms, so better to be on the safe side!

    Moffy x

  • Thank you! I'm off to the dr's on Thursday so will mention it xxx

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