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SUN = SMILES :) :)

3 hours ago it was all grey and dull and now the sky is a beautiful blue and the sun is beaming it really is going to be a lovely day so how can you not smile it makes you feel alive even though i am in pain like we all are it does make a difference to your state of mind when you look out of the window and see a lovely day rather than dull grey and raining so i hope that you all have the same where you are x i am gonna have a cup of coffee ad take my doggy up to the top of the road i may even push myself today ad walk a bit further why not? whats the worse that can happen? i in pain anyway so a bit more is not gona make much difference, i will take my mobile as you never know if i did get stuck lol. i would have to call my daughter ad get her to come and get me , dot thik she would appreciate it much she had a late ight , not clubbing but one of her mates parets have got one of those big hot tubs i their garden so 4 of them were all going round to bob about i that all night sipping at drinks wish i could have gone would prob doe me the world of good ha ha

i wonder if i asked for one on prescription ? do you think they would go for it ? worth a try do you think

love to you all diddle x

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I wouldn't mind a hot tub too!! When I've been in a jaccuzi I have found it really helps my pain.... think my better half should start saving!

Have a lovely sunny day xxxx


ha ha yes or get him to put a foot pump when you are inthe bath and keep pushing it so you can have bubbles that is nearest i will get to a hot tub. how the other half live love to you diddle x


Got me laughing now!!!! hugs xxx


well thats not a bad thing laughter lol love to you diddle x


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