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WELL HELLO AGAIN !! Has anyone missed me ??

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Thought I'd pop back and see how you all are . I have been very busy, so haven't had the time to catch up. Hope you are all well ????[ well , at least coping well ]. I've been doing some investigating the health problems we are suffering with the effects of chem trails in the sky. I noticed that the sky was looking different a few months ago, so I began to search why . Finding the results was an eye opener to say the least. We are being sprayed with various cocktails of chemicals that are actually supposed to help prevent global warming !! what a joke. Our health is being put at risk, drastically , causing various side effects such as migraines, headaches ,nausea and fatigue. not to mention the effects on the environment . I can go on , but wanted to pass on this information so you can do some digging yourselves. Also we will have HUGE problems when 5G comes in. OUR HEALTH / OUR LIVES ARE PRECIOUS . If anyone shows some interest, I will pass on more info about what these companies are trying to push upon us. I hope to keep you updated with these issues.

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funnily enough was listening to something that was talking about the chemtrails conspiracy theory. Don't think it holds any water...........

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Hello desquinn , but I really think you need to do your own research on this subject and not think of it as a conspiracy theory. They have been spraying many chemicals into our skies since it was discovered that the weather could be manipulated. Barium , aluminium, strontium, arsenic and manganese particles are sprayed to induce clouds or reduce them , depending on requirement. I suggest the "Weather Modification Incorporated " website , which will prove it is being done. Contrails are much smaller and are made up of water vapour, like when we breathe out on a cold day . Chemtrails are very ,very long trails and disperse over a period of time , eventually falling to the ground onto crops, into the water ,into our lungs and skin.

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Mdaisy in reply to fluff24

Understood as many mention heavy metal detox has helped them improve but how these substances are getting into people who are sick remains unknown at the present time :)

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desquinnAdministrator in reply to fluff24

There is a lot of "evidence" for flat earth and the moon landings being faked. You need to have a look and the science and the research and not the pseudoscience put forward.


I agree with Des about this being very unlikely although some believe it - however the western diet and small amounts of plastic possibly getting into the food is more of a worrying issue in regards to health in my opinion :)

Some people do become extra sensitive with Multi Chemical Sensitivity but what the chemicals are affecting them and where they come into contact with these can be environmental or even down to products used in the house (both cleaning and hygiene related)

Whether any illnesses can be directly related I suppose needs further research, like some believe we should only use Aluminum free deodorant due to risks involved and take precautions.There are many theories and hypothesis out on the internet :) some with research backing and other not it seems :)

I just feel it is about time we all got to know a bit about the things I have discovered. I am taking this seriously , as I have , like most of you, been suffering chronic pain for at least 25- 30 years , and researching these issues has given me purpose , and maybe some understanding of why things are like they are. We will be in even more pain when the 5G comes about, as it is essentially microwaves at such high frequency it will bring terrible migraines and skin conditions and various other health issues. We are all suffering enough ,without being subjected to outside influences being thrust our way.

Please do i read stuff about the california drought that it is'nt going away and we get a good percentage of our food from california so what iv'e read is very scary o will look for more information. Thank you. Love susie jo1948

Hello Suziejo , have you seen that the California Fires were started by DEW Weapons[ Direct Energy Weapons] Please look it up on you tube on" a plane truth " site. you will find the information very eye opening , and there is a real need to share what has happened out there. I am becoming a bit of a truth warrior at present and would love another persons reaction to what is going on . thanks love Mandy [Fluff 24]

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