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lazy days...........x

so so tired today, pain and stiff all over, developed allot of neck pain in last few weeks, bought one of those nice neck pillows, slept like a log for first 2 days, now keeps me awake more than i did before I got it. typical.

feels like every weekend now im exhausted and cant move hardly, the working all week is all my body can cope with now and allot of the time not even with that... they say this fm is not progressive but hell mine sure feels it is getting worse and worse in the last year......

when i have a shower I feel like im being stoned lol my hubby says have a nice shower you will feel better ha ha i may as well give him a baseball bat and say do your worst then.....

my job depends on my brain functioning esp with the finace stuff, had loads meetings this week and kept forgetting what i was talking about ha ha bloody crazy! delegated work to my staff then had to say to them, what did i just ask you to do? im sure they thing im god dam mad! lol they'd be right most of the time....

think today il just sit and watch tv, eat junk and do nothing! lol....have a great day guys as much as u can anyway.xxxxxxx<3

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i do hopea day doing nothing helps to make you more comfortable and starts your brain to get ready for next wek bless yo i am sure you will be fine jus think positive love to you diddle x


I think a lazy day will do you the world of good, enjoy, xx :0)


Hiya Carollyn, you sound just like me when I was working!. I used to work all week and rest all weekend to get myself back to work the following week. I worked in HR and always had people ringing up for help and advice, it was so embarrasing when fibrofog kicked in and I couldn't remember what we were talking about half way through a conversation. Hence to say I got so bad and had so much time off I had to give up work altogether. I felt as though I didnt have a life towards the end as all I did was go to work in the week and rest all weekend.

Hope you have had a lazy day in front of the TV and really enjoyed it. Love to you, Angela xx


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