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signing off

Well i have had a brilliant morning on here, i have been on since 8 am and have done nothing lol.

Partner is due in at 1 30 so need to quickly do something (maybe get some ironing out of the drawers so it looks like i have i have ironed, what do you think lol)

And sue no time to do yours lol.

Thankyou to everyone who has filled my morning in with me. :)

Speak to you all later.

hugs to you all love kel xxxxx

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lol you naughty girl but i have been on here on/off for hours you get addicted it helps to pas itme and cheer you up you take care and get that hoover out or get the duster out spray a bit of furniture polish about and air freshner and bit of bleach always does the trick lol he will wlak in think bless she in pain and done all that then say jus popping on fibro action for bit to catch up and he will sya you do that love after all you done today hee hee hee arent we devious lol i blame you ha ha love diddle x


Diddle i am still here lol. i have to go now lol

If i got the hoover out i think he would faint when he walked in lol, so better not do that ehh.

Speak soon love kel.

Aww yous lot have cheered me up today xxxxxxxx


ditto love diddle x


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