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Having a duvet day

well i am so sore the day had to get a molar out yesterday and although the dentist understands my tmj etc the fight she had with the roots has put me in agony. haven't been able to read blogs never mind write one

tried the jin Shin Jyutsu that someone spoke about on wednesday and swear i got some relief in my neck. so i will have to try some more.

been onto my Uk fybromylagia newsletter and found a useful link for a petition to parliment to change the rules for fibro patients and DLA so i have put the link in for those that are wanting to sign

the more the better send to your pals.

<a href="">Change DWP Medicals for Fibromyalgia Syndrome Petition | GoPetition</a>

am aaway back to bed now as i cant stand this pain soft hugs to all xx

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Morning quine,

I hope your pain eases soon, i dread the dentist as it hurts me even to hold my mouth open and i always get my anxiety when i go in.

I will have a look at that petition later, thanxs for sharing.

You go back to bed and rest and i do hope you feel better later.

hugs, kel xxx


hope you get some relief after your rest and lay down i have not heard of that i am not going to try and copy what ir is called lol but glad it worked i will def go and ign the petition i am aplying in may love to you diddle x


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