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DWP recognises Fibro

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has restated that they recognise Fibro as a potentially significantly disabling condition. This isn't the first time they have officially stated this, but up-to-date reiterations of this can't hurt when people with Fibro are still being led to believe that Fibro "doesn't count" when considering eligibility for benefits.

David Morris MP (Morecambe and Lunesdale, Conservative) asked the question:

"To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions whether he has considered recognising fibromyalgia in the benefits system."

Maria Miller MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Disabled People), Work and Pensions; Basingstoke, Conservative) responded on 18 June with:

"The Department recognises fibromyalgia as a potentially significantly disabling condition.

Where a clinical diagnosis of fibromyalgia has been made, full account will be taken of its disabling effects in determining eligibility for benefits."


For further information on benefits, Work Capability Assessments, DLA Medicals and more, see:


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ITS about time too!!

great news

hugs poppy xx

I wish they'd inform their assessors of that !

It's progress but still far too much down to individual interpretation for my liking .


That is good news for all of the people like me going through an appeal for esa.

thanks for posting x

Ive just emailed my mp through to above link theyworkfor you,about the dla precess, Il let you know if I hear anything

great stuff hun ive been turned down for esa an dla since 2010 an now appealling again saying i was fit for work ,an i have a stick hardley go out always in pain an many other things i hope they do recognize that it is a disabling condition at last ,someone should go on this morning awsell as if i had someone to go with i would tell them about firbo an me i suffer with on loads of medication an they say im fit to work thanks

I would go on with you,not sure what area you in,? I think it would be the cost getting down their I would struggle with x

Actually DLA is for anyone that needs any help (whether personal help or aids, and whether or not they get this help or not) in either getting around or looking after themselves, whether because of a physical or mental disability. It was always meant to help with the extra costs of being disabled.

May I ask why you think it is inappropriate for those with Fibromyalgia to get DLA and why you find it to be a joke?

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is not given for a specific condition, you don't get DLA just because you've been given a certain diagnosis you get DLA because you have specific care and/or mobility needs. DLA isn't just for those with severe problems getting from A to B, it is to help cover the additional cost of being disabled.

DLA has 5 different components, 3 for Care (HRC, MRC & LRC) and 2 for Mobility (HRM & RM). It's only the HRM component that covers severe problems getting from A to B. DLA is an "In Work" benefit which means that you can still be in work whilst claiming it and in fact there are many disabled people who rely on DLA to get them into work or to stay in work.

According to Government statistics DLA has a Fraud rate of 0.5% - which is less than the errors made by their own Department.

The new rules don't come into force until next year when DLA is phased out and becomes PIP so perhaps the new rules the chap with the "pain full (sic) wrist and arm" experienced weren't for DLA but another benefit.

The new rules for migrating those currently on Incapacity Benefit to Employment Support Allowance (ESA) an "Out of Work" benefit are already in force, the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is not a Medical and is widely known to be flawed, so flawed in fact that the British Medical Association has asked that it be stopped forthwith.

The successful appeal rate for ESA due to the flawed WCA is 40% but if a claimant is represented by the likes of the Citizen's Advice Bureau then this rises to over 70% (one MP said that he has helped over 80% of his constituents who appealed their ESA WCA to overturn the decision). The Ministry of Justice produced a video of how to appeal but the DWP minister had it pulled - not once but twice - because, according to a Freedom of Information request, it contained too much information about how to improve your chances of winning!

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I really don't understand why you are on this forum it is for people suffering a very painful and disabling illness.I myself have just joined and have spoken to lots of lovely people who are here to help and offer support,So i think it's best if you join some other group where your pathetic nasty little comments will be more appreciated.

Boxter :(

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion but unless you are in someone else's shoes you really are no judge as to the need of an individual for assistance. I do hope you are not a DLA Assessor.

I have had to retire due to my health, but believe me I would much rather be back at work and enjoying my old lifestyle. Enough money to live on, doing the things I wanted to do, when I wanted to do them. Not having to rely on anyone to help me with simple tasks such as shopping, cleaning, getting around etc. All the activities I took for granted before FMS took over my life. Enjoying the benefit of private health cover, a great social life, being able to run up & down stairs, dance till I drop, run around with the children etc. etc. etc.

Now I live in constant pain. Holding a telephone to have a conversation hurts. As for daily activities that were taken for granted, the frustration at no longer being able to do them without excruciating pain is something I guess you don't understand. If you did you would not make the comments you have.

FYI DLA was not meant for people with severe problems getting from a to b alone. Also it isn't an 'exam'. It is a medical assessment that defines your entitlement. Also you have to be clinically diagnosed, not just have a painful wrist, I agree there are many people who receive DLA who do not need it, but a wide sweeping statement such as "I dont think any of you should get DLA for fib its a joke" is uninformed and shows a relevant amount of ignorance. Why single out FMS sufferers alone in your statement?


* People who need help with things such as washing, dressing, eating, getting to and using the toilet, or communicating your needs

* need supervision to avoid you putting yourself or others in substantial danger

* need someone with you when you are on dialysis

* be unable to prepare a cooked main meal for yourself (if you have the ingredients),


Disability must be severe enough for you to have any of the following walking difficulties, even when wearing or using an aid or equipment you normally use:

* Because of a physical disability, you are unable or virtually unable to walk ***without severe discomfort***, or at risk of endangering your life or ***causing deterioration in your health by making the effort to walk***

* you have no feet or legs

* you are assessed to be both 100 per cent disabled because of loss of eyesight and not less than 80 per cent disabled because of deafness and

* you need someone with you when you are out of doors

* you are severely mentally impaired with severe behavioural problems and qualify for the highest rate of care component

* you need guidance or supervision most of the time from another person when walking out of doors in unfamiliar places

* you are certified as severely sight impaired by a consultant ophthalmologist, and you were aged between 3 and 64 on 11 April 2011; you must also have a best corrected visual acuity of less than 3/60, or you must have a best corrected visual acuity of 3/60 or more but less than 6/60 together with a complete loss of peripheral visual field and a central visual field of no more than ten degrees in total

Many people diagnosed with FMS also have other illnesses, these combined can & do put the sufferers into 1 or more of the above criteria, therefore making them eligible for DLA. Virtually everything a FMS sufferer does can cause **severe discomfort***, balance problems can cause endangerment to self due to constantly falling. I personally have fallen over many times and cause myself physical injury, broken bones, sprains, bruises and such. I cannot speak for everyone but I can speak from personal experience, and my experience is that people with uninformed opinions are the ones who make others lives a misery. I do hope your health stays well enough for you not to need DLA or any other form off benefit, but am sure if it doesn't your views will change dramatically.

Have a nice Day.

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I've also sent this to my MP, along with a link to this group . I've asked him why, if the DWP recognize Fibro as such a disabling condition , so many of us are having our DLA and ESA removed .

I've told him, if he wants to see just how ill the stress of this is making us he should talk to some of the people on this site .


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HURRHA, hurrah, hurrah x x x xx

Great news, doesn't seem to have filtered through to the "Atos "doctors though, had my medical Tues and the NURSE said "oh is your Fibromyalgia just general aches an. d pains then??" stunned was my reaction.

Jan H xx

No, it hasn't got down to all levels, but at least it means that people like yourself can use the Government's position as an argument in your favour!

Omg how rude of the nurse! I wish they could spend just a day with our legs etc. I have given up any hope of my family understanding FMS they just do not understand it. I have a medical with ATOS next week and I'm really scared, any thing I should know before I go would be great.

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cooping with fibromyalgia is not that difficult if, there is no any other health problems. i believe it is genetic.

it surprise me that you would say genentic. have you done much reading about it, heres a bit from the nhs website.

There is currently no cure for fibromyalgia, because the cause is unknown. However, there are a number of treatments that may ease symptoms. Treatment tends to be a combination of:

it have you.

Actually, research has shown that there are genetic factors involved with Fibro - if you have a close family member with it you are more likely to get it.


I was diagnosed will fibro last november.but my mam suffered with it for years.To my knowledge there is nobody else in our family have it.My only hope is my two daughters don't develop it.

Carol x

hI i was diognosed with fibro in 2008 one of my daughters was diognosed with ME and my oldest daughter is having test to see if she has fibro, so i beleve it is genetic also...

Why have have you bothered registering on this site if you think coping with fibro is not that difficult? I don't really think my life is worth living because of fibro. You must have very minor symptoms - so the how the hell were you diagnosed?


Keep calm everyone! Fibro affects everyone differently, as do most conditions. There is a full range from mild to severe affect. And what other conditions you have alongside Fibro often has a big part to play in how disabled you are by it.

It is also possible to improve with treatment even if your Fibro is severe. I used to be disabled by my Fibro and was told I had it very severely. However, a combination of treatments enabled me to get it under control and most of the time, you wouldn't know that I still have it (but I do and always will).

It's good to have people with all severities of Fibro on here and especially those who have had it badly and are now doing better, as they often have a lot to give.

This information may help if you haven't already seen it:


I agree with you!

so much for them recognising fibromyalgia i now have received a letter today to say i will have to go to appeal for esa they believe i am fit for work i have fibromyalgia and tenosynovitis( RSI) more stress and worry. I still don't think they understand that people can not physically get out of bed somedays and even when they manage to get up they have pain and confusion to look forward to. The hardest part to deal with is people not understanding and judging you cos you don't work.


When I spoke to the Working tax Credits person, I mentioned Fibro and she said it wasn't on her list of automatic diabilities and I would still need to be in receipt of one or more other disability benefits, even tho I work part time. She did suggest I apply for my Blue badge. That came back with the news that I would have to go for a medical as Fibro wasn't an automatic exemption. Heard today I have a medical on 01/08/12. Not hopeful of getting the badge as my walking isn't the worst issue, it's the larger parking bays I need, as I have such restricted movement in my neck & shoulders and wrist problems, so parking is a real issue, especially if I don't know the area and how easy the parking places are.

I wish all these departments would start communicating with each other!!!

Still the more it is mentioned in 'dispatches' perhaps it will finally be recognised.

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There are actually few conditions that are considered automatic disabilities by any Government agencies. Most conditions need to be considered on an individual basis as to how they affect you. For example, it is possible to have Fibro and not be disabled by it. But if you are disabled by it, this must be taken into account.

You may be eligible for DLA and if you did get this, it could make other disability related benefits more accessible.

thanks for the Hansard info Lindsey. wish too goodness the assessors would actually read the info on fibro and keep up with Govt recommendations ffs :-/

that's good news. I still work but I do struggle most days to get through the day. I think it is only a matter of time before I will need to give in and stop working! Unless a miracle happens and I suddenly am better!!! That would be awesome, but alas I dont think so as now been diagnosed wtih CFS on top. I know everyone on here has a list of problems and can totally understand how i feel and its nice to know that I'm not alone. At least I have doctors, etc around me now that are helping me instead of just passifying me! Sorry for the ramble!

What a relief the dwp recognises this condition, i have worked hard all my life and been lucky enough to have had a great job, and can assure them that i would much more prefer earning my own money! But needs must, bills etc, benefits are difficult to claim, what makes it worse is that you struggle, it takes time and the knock backs affect your health too. Stress has a negative effect on those with fibro too, i wonder if the dwp recognises that too

Shazzad x

LindseyMid, sometimes we are having difficulty to explain our sufferings. Your explanation always the interpretation what we are trying to explain. I am not disabled by Fibro but, I have been in indescribable pain almost all my life, and getting worse. As you say Fibro effects people different as an individual. Hooping to learn more about Fibro and get treatment to ease the pain.

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can someone tell me what esa is as i don't know what it is or understand it x

See here:


And see here if you're considering applying for benefits or appealing decisions:


Great lets hope they really DO recognise how it affect sus all thanks for that info love diddle xxxx

no my husband claims income support for both of us and he is my carer but i have been called in for a work relate interview this week and it doesnt make sense as obviously my husband claims carers for me so does that not speak for its self that i am not fit to work , i was advised to ring up as it may be a mistake but no was told we like to see everyone once , i am terriffied, i stupid as it seem s if i say the wrong thing i lose what ever benefits we get this system needs to change i do not know what to expect can anyone tell me what they are ? xx light cuddles xx. i had an hospital appointment with my consultant last night (mr johnson) he has told me my right hip needs replacing and he cannot guarentee i will not have the same pain that i have now with my left hip that i had replaced in feb 2010 they is also nothing he can do other then offer me an injection under ultra sound but i have already had one and you are only allowed 3 in a life time so i deferred to have it till as late as possible and put up with the pain as he put it my fibro is doing my nut in they isnt anywhere i do hurt at this present moment my feet, my shoulders, my back, hips, thighs , fibro sucks xxx

yes its a shame that the tribunals dont recognise how we suffer so much i recently had to go and even though the atos medical put me on the support group in december and the dla put me up from low rate care to high rate i was still able to go to appeal why i didnt get it for up to 13 months ago whilst i was waiting for the appeal to come through the judge was so rude implying there is nothing wrong with me and when i went back in the room for the decision they must of pushed the big chair that i was sitting on right near the desk so i had to struggle to sit in it and indeed i did even ripping open my wounds to they bled after a major operation i had only 4 weeks ago the doctor blamed my extreme breathlessness on my weight even though i suffer with biletral odemea in my legs and that moves all around my body the water tablets are the highest dose i suffer with my hands swollen and drop things cant even pick up a pan of water in fear i would drop it i also suffer with agrophobia and am house bound if it wasnt for someone taking me out because i need to hold on to something or someone as i need to walk near the wall and couldnt cross the high street or road because of the openess am waiting for my stairlift and wet room which my occupational therapyst put in for well over a year ago and the wait because of a lack of funds so what with all that evidence i thought i had a good case of getting it back dated no not with that tribunal i lost it from 2 years ago incidently which was a original decision by a tribunal who saw me how i suffered then, luck had it because it was put up in january and that still stands for a indefinate time and the decision maker has kept it like that but i have lost 2 years of low care and high rate mobility which i suppose is now going to put me in their debt all this worry has literally made me feel so depressed and scared stiff of the open world i been told i could take it to a upper tribunal on the strength that the judge would not give the reason for their decision saying also she needed to see other appeals, but to be truthfully honest with you i dont think i can face another tribunal again to be judged as if im a liar and cheat i felt completly bullied just because i only went there because i thought i was right to stick up for myself just because fibromyalgia and oestoarthris and agrophobia cannot be seen

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Dear nicely just wanted to say that I am so sorry that you had to go through this and that it has left you feeling this way. I have heard from a number of people who are quite badly disabled that they wont apply for higher DLA because the can't face the tribunals etc. and the whole thing makes them feel worse and like spongers etc. It makes me so sad. I am wondering if there is a better way, how do they (the authorities) stop those people who are fraudulent with their claims - and there are some and it is those people's behaviours that make it necessary for all of us to be called in to question. It is horrible. I am very upset for all people who are made to feel so bad and are treated badly during this process. Where is the dignity and respect that are supposed to be cornerstones of civilised societies? Mr. Scamp. xx

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When applying for ESA, I did not receive a single point for my fibromyalgia, or any of the other related conditions. I was told that fibro isn't a 'proper' medical condition. So, while they may say it is recognised, in reality, their actions say something quite different.

i've used this the last 2 years or so, every time i fill in as ESA form, ( it was every 6 months despite being in the SG !) i send this with it.. just to remind them of the rules , we know they have a habit of forgetting ;-) xx

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