Petition demands fibromyalgia test be fit to work

Petition demands fibromyalgia test be fit to work

Received an email yesterday, don't know if it's been posted here before but I thought people may like to have a look at it.

The Department for Work and Pensions is being told to sort out its benefit assessment system after campaigners said it is rigged against people who suffer from Fibromyalgia.

The petition – ‘Change DWP Medicals for Fibromyalgia’ – may be found here.

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  • I've signed it.


  • signed

  • I signed up for this as did 6124 other's..............Somethings got too change for us that suffer !! ........

  • Thank you for highlighting this petition, I signed and shared on my facebook too........ :)

  • I have signed this I hope it helps

  • Thank you boromor, I am signer number 6250. Let's hope someone listens, Julie xx

  • Done and shared thank you :-)

  • Signed :- number 6435. Thank you for publicizing this.

  • i signed it come on capita and dwp play fair.

  • Signed and shared on Face Book & Twitter :-)

  • Shared and apparently, I'd signed it already!!!

  • I have also signed.

  • I have signed also , no; 7059.

  • I'm signer 11112 👍

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