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Do you know if itsnot one thing its the other not only am i in pain all over and sleep well i aint even going there i have developed IBS in the last few week which i am struggling with as i have always been ok in that dept but it is jus as horrible as fibro the weekend i was going to the toilet 3/4 times a day and since monday nothing even with taking medication to help !!!! it is so annoying as it rules your life in a way as you are scared to go out too fr in case you need loo Arghhhhhhhh

what is nxt ? love to you diddle x

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I feel for you diddle...I have had IBS for 38 years and I'm sick of IT and the Fibro and PTSD et al - trying - and at times - succeeding to rule my life! GRRRRRRRR!

Gentle hugs x


thankyou bless ya what is ptsd ? love to you and a grrrrrrrr lol love diddle x p.s sorry to moan bless you i feel really bad now i have onlt had it few weeks ! you have had it 38 years so i really have no right to moan sorry xxxx

IBS really is a pain in the arse!!! I've had it about 19 years. It was caused by stress (for some people it's diet) and in the beginning it made me so ill. I've tried various treatments over the years and quickly learnt to recognise the start of the symptoms when i was about to have an attack. Mostly it gives me the runs, but for others it causes constipation.

It's come to light recently in the media that GP's are blaming many things on IBS, which then turn out to be far worse conditions in reality. Not to scare anyone, but my sister in law who passed away recently had been told she had IBS for several years which was in reality, cancer. My husband was diagnosed with IBS 8 years ago, and it turned out that he had gall stones and recently had to have his gall bladder removed, including the 7 stones! A friend of the family has discovered that her husband is dying from cancer after being told he had IBS. Doctors are all too ready to blame everything on IBS without considering other alternatives or ordering further testing.

Hiya Diddle, I have had IBS for so many years I fail to remember and yes, it is a pain in the bum (sorry for the pun!).

Hiya Diddle, I have had IBS for so many years I fail to remember and yes, it is a pain in the bum (sorry for the pun!).

Sorry Diddle, pressed the button too early. I was going to say you have to get control of it before it controls you. I had many investigations before I was diagnosed and tried lots of different diets and what eventually worked for me was a wheat free diet although I can now eat it in moderation. Sorry to say though that means no carrot cake, syrup cake or ginger cake!!. Some people also have a problem with eating skins on foods such as tomato and apple but not sure that would apply to you lol.

Try not to get too stressed over the IBS though cos that often makes it worse. Easier said than done I know. Take care love Angela xx

Hi Diddle - I almost got up to say the same thing as you! I am fairly new to IBS and fibro and this in my first comment. I even got stopped by the police as I rushed home in my car to get to the loo! It kept me awake for ages last night too - it is a weird comfort to know I wasn't alone!

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aw bless you and welcome aboard lol love diddle x

diddle, I woke up in the night feeling awful in fact feeling \i was dieing. Feel sick,been the toilet 3 times, mixture of constapation and looseness. Mouth feels dry and I've just buggered myself up trying to get a shower. Just come downstairs and its 11.30. Think it must have been the 2 small lamb chops my husband gave me for tea last night. Have had this for about years now before I went on to FM/CS. oNLY THING i FEEL FROM EXPERIENCE IS IGNORING THE MEDICATION THAT THEY GIVE ME FOR ibs. i FIND LIVING ON CREAM CRACKERS AND WATER IS THE ONLY THING THAT HELPS.OH, AND TAKING DIHYDROCODEINE. EXCUSE LEAVING SHIFT KEY ON. CANT BE BOTHERED TYPING ALL THIS OUT AGAIN. FEEL AS WEAK AS A KITTEN AND BREATHLESS. HAD MY GALL BLADDER TAKEN OUT 35 YEARS AGO AND HAVE NEVER BEEN THE SAME. STILL HAVE TO WATCH EVERYTHING YOU EAT,ESPECIALLY GREASY FOOD, CHOCOLATE AND DAIRY. ACID BOTH ENDS NOW.



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hope you bit better now know what you mean either running for loo or sitting on loo for ages lol love diddle x

Hi I'm Cari and newly diagnosed with FM. I had IBS for about 30 years but never had any investigations just random symptoms they called various things like social tummy, over acid stomach, colic etc.... After loads of trips to Dr for various aches in joints, back shoulder neck lack of sleep tiredness poor memory etc, I was finally diagnosed with FM. I have trigger point injections every 4 months which help and have been on amitryptaline for a while to help with sleep. This also helps with IBS. Peppermint tea also helps settle tummy. I also used anti diarrhoea tablets if really bad bout. I found wheat and coffee set me off otherwise it is very random. Sometimes salad and steak can be as bad as a curry and sometimes I'm fine. Bus open works for me sometimes. IBS is very painful and hard to treat. Good luck with trying various treatments.

I had a general anaesthetic yesterday for minor gynae exploration and after no sleep last night I am washed out today.

Love Cari

That was Buscopan not Bus..... Sorry predictive type!!

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bless you i have got buscopan hope you are feelin g bit better now love diddle x

I have had IBS for 5 years. When it flares up, drop the fibre OUT of your diet. Dont eat raw foods such as salad or fruit, leave the healthy stuff alone as it is too hard for an inflammed gut to digest. Go low fibre - meat and white rice, well cooked root veg are ok as they have a different fibre structure. You can have a sunday lunch, but dont eat a salad.

If you can go wheat free so much the better. the wheat free ranges are very good now, if a little expensive, but you can make some awesome cakes with wheat free flour nom nom nom.

Dairy is also inflammatory. Try rice milk, much better than soya, as soya can sometimes be a problem.

The hardest thing to avoid is caffeine, coffee, tea and cola.

Just avoid raw foods, its too hard to digest and rest your gut for a few days.

Buscopan also really helps

Just try dropping the one thing out your diet first wheat or dairy and you will find it makes a huge difference.

I'm having a lamb and parsnip curry with rice tonight - awesome!!

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hi sounds lush your tea think you shouls send some over to make sure it is ok for you lol love to you diddle x

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hi julieru, please could you post me that curry recipe! xxxxx

IBS should never be diagnosed without thorough testing. So if you've only had symptoms a few weeks do NOT assume it is IBS. You need a gastroenterologist referral.

One of our PAB members is Heather Van Vorous, author of 'IBS: The First Year' and 'Eating for IBS'. A lot of the information in her books is available for free on helpforibs.com. Her information is evidence based and she thoroughly explains about the different kinds of fibre and how to eat for IBS (how is as important as what).

But get tested!

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hi i have been to my GP and she has told me that it is IBS thankyou for the link will go in it love diddle x

Hi Diddle, i also have recently been diagnosed and it really doesnt matter how long you have had it hun, we all have the same pain and discomfort with it! one thing i changed was the type of tea i drink which has helped and thank goodness as i am a right teabelly haha! i now have earl grey and it causes much less discomfort than normal tea.

IBS had been the one symptom of fibro i didnt have so got a full house now lol!

I love curries but they make it beyond hell so would love to know of a better recipe.

Anyhoo hun, hope you find your trigger foods and keep chin up xxxxxx

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hi and thankyou yes i have been to GP and she has told me it is IBS and as i got fibro and few other things to it was or gone coclusion really i suppose i have some peppermint capsules and she printed off ibs stuff . lady on blog above mine or 2 above is having curry so ask her for her recipe lol good luck and thanks for reply love diddle x


hi diddle

i have had IBS for years, i find that drinking plenty of water helps to settle it down and try and find out what foods upset it, i have plenty of experience in finding trigger foods as my son also has crohn's. try and avoid proccessed foods and cook everything whole and fresh as then you know everything thats in it. green tea and hot water with a slice of lemon also helps mine to settle.

hugs Nichola x

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thankyou so much for your advice love diddle x

I have had IBS for 6 years and have never been given anything for it but im such a mess ( literally not getting to the loo on time)with the fibro my doc has started trying different medication for it.Stopping ibruprofen has helped quite a lot and now im on Mebeverine which has done the trick for the runs,i still get constipated occasionally but its much better than it was. TIP :-When i was going out and it was playing up I used to put a toddler nappy in my pants,much cheaper than incontinence pads and much more effective.

Awww Diddle hun,i feel for you so much,mine has just flared up again after 2 years of behaving. Now i am like you,nervous to go out incase need loo quickly,cramps,bloating,feeling full or sick,its a bloody nightmare hun.

We suffer enough without having anymore demons irising from our bodies,Gentle hugs to you hun,wishing you a peacful painfree night.


Hi, I don't think i have ibs but i have had problems going since i had the kids. I would only go about twice a week if i'm lucky and would feel so bloated. I think i have found a cure for my problem. I make a large home made smoothy every night and brink half of it then and the other half in the morning. I have now started going most days. It is great. You should try it on the days you can't go.

hiya all.ive had ibs for yrs but mostly i cant go the loo...wheatabix makes it beter but the pain when not gone for a few days is terable..im quite releived when it goes the other way as the pain goes.......stress triggers me off every time.....think i will try the smoothies though........

I have sympathy as had for 24 yrs . Was rushed in hospital couple times with it in beginning, but its like putting my underwear on now. Stress too can trigger it and wake every morning with it. The rite meds and diet will help you.

I avoid too much fatty food and spicy as defo do not agree.

Take care and all ears to lusten xxxxxcotton wool hugs


Hi. Sorry to hear you've developed IBS. I've had it for years. I've managed to get rid of it (mostly) through diet. Its worth keeping a food diary to see what is triggering it. For me its dairy, caffiene. yeast, mushrooms, fizzy drinks, I found it useful to look up 'The lectin story' on google. X I really hope you find your answers soon.x

Was just thinking the same thing...I've had IBS for some time and get really bad bloating (I look like I'm 5 mths pregnant) and constipation....then I'll have a couple of days constantly on the toilet, then it will settle down again, sometimes it's mild and only lasts for a day .... sometimes it lasts for about a week, these times are really painful and uncomfortable. I've tried keeping a food diary but nothing seems to trigger it, and I've tried various intolerance tests...tested for coeliacs but came back negative....really getting me down....I find it the worst part of the Fibro symptoms.

I've had buscopan which helped for a while, omaprozol helped for a while too...now taking amytriptoline but going back to GP tomorrow to see if upping the dose will help as it's not helping with my sleeping either. I'm wondering if it's lack of sleep that triggers the IBS...definitely stress related.

Hope you find a solution soon xxx

Gentle hugs x

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