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Just what I need....not

My mums been in hostpital for two weeks now after I took her along to A&E with the biggest lump I and the doctors had ever seen on her back. She had deep bruising all over her body and looked as if she had been beaten up.

Turns out the lump is a huge heamatoma and she has a blood disorder, platlets and clotting.Thing is it would appear that it is hereditory and after investigating all family line myself and most of my kids have the faulty gene, my deceased maternal grandma was the same. Just another little friend to keep my fibro, ibs, arthritus, company. Oh well always was greedy. Love to everyone :-) xxxx

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Sorry about the spelling its not my best talent xx


aw so sorry that you have just been told that but just because you have the gene it may not come out in you will it? few years ago i was normal now i got bad lower back fibro carpal tunnel ibs and depression lol wonder why ? oh well just gotta get up and get on wiyh it i do try to take day at a time find that the best way love to you diddle x


Never heard of Hughes Syndrome but will put it on the blog when I find out, will check it out, cheers xx


Just checked Hughes Syndrome out and it doesn't sound like my mum she's bleeding internally into her skin.


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