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bed time

time to say good night so maybe i will be abel to go to bed tonight was down o couch last night as pain just to bad , and bless my huby has put up with so much and i think that as he never gets a full nights sleep with me in the bet i was thinking well i will stay down so he can get full night and what happens thismorning he gets up and says well that was a wast of time i never slept keept getting up looking for you , so that was a wast of time god bless him , don't let him ever now he is a saint and i would not be abel to go on with out him .so how you fellow peeps do manadge on your own i don't now i take my hat of to you god bless and sweet dreams and soft hugs to you all

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Nite Kath, sweet dreams x


hi yes bless him must be hard i have been with my partner 8 years a nd he used to stay fri/sat nights we dont live together by the way but he hasnt stayed since new year eve but he never evr moans or says anything he could so easily go but he stays so that says alot love to you diddle x


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