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Still in shock! Road rage idiot threatened me & took my car keys! In shock but OK


What an experience today!!!

Driving along going customers, roundabout 2 lane , both going straight on ,

Lad keeps emergency stopping infront of me intomidating!!! Gets to lights he going right me going ahead he pulls out revs and stops in front of me in rage!!! Gets out his car, comes to mine threatening, swearing, takes my keys from running engine and drives off!!!!

This causes lots of hold up in peak traffic, i phone police , luckily some lady found keys 3/4 down road asks if i lost as hazards on, i sooo thank ful,

I only had half the registration!! Anyway police found him, came to my home made a statement and he locked up as was aggressive with police too!!!

Asked if on medicines etc YES and to do further traumatic statement as he been done before for road rage!!!!

I am OK !! Shocked but ok.

Customer i never got to brought me a bottle of wine bless and said... Its about time you took time off and rested uou have been through so much!!!!

Ahhhh bless

It could of bern worse he could of kidnapped me instead of keys lol

Xxxxxxxxx thpught i wud share

So becareful on road xxx

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hope you ok what a scary experience thankfully i always keep my doors locked b ut you never know who is about these days. Have a glass of wine and a good rest xxxx

roundthebenz in reply to webby

Not wise to keep your door locked!! Picture the scene, you have a crash, you are unconcious and the car is on fire. How do rescuers get the door open to let you out?

I have had a couple of road rage attacks that fizzled out because I hit the door lock button as soon as I saw it happening. I never have my windows open so it was difficult for the attacker to access my car. One incident in heavy traffic where two lanes went into one, I was partly into the other lane when a moron tried to shoot up the inside, Dragged my door mirror down the side of his car causing him damage the length of his car but none to mine. He leapt out and he was purple with rage, he was shouting and screaming and jumping up and down but couldn't get to me. Fortunately, a Policeman on a bicycle had seen it all happen and quickly rode up to defuse the situation. Take care and stay safe.


o.m.g i really they keep this guy locked up for good.he sounds like a nut job and it could have been much much worse.enjoy your wine and your prob gonna be really vigilent now x

Bloomin heck. The police ought to have the power to take his car off him; I wonder how the nutter would get on with pavement rage.

Julie xx

There are powers for the Police to take cars off drivers under various circumstances. Trouble is, they just go and buy another. Even if they are banned from driving people like that continue to drive. He needs some anger management education.


Oh my goodness, so pleased you're ok. It can be a dangerous tough World out there these days. So many creeps too.

Big big thank you!!!! Shocked but i am ok and thanks some of public who helped and stayed with me just incase he came back!! The police were great but what little info i had there was no trace on record, so went searching areas , later came to my house and said found him.

It is cruel out there. I am suffering physically as i have a 4x4 and i tried to move!!! But when on lock its hard. Guess i will feel tomoro.

I have seized up quite a bit now so see tomoro how i am cxxxxxxxxx

poor you, sounds terrifying. Hope you are ok now

gentlest hugs xxxx

That was an awful experience poor old you! You hear of strange things happening but you never think it will be you I was driving down a very small lane stopped to let a car pass as you do a woman comes running towards my car does not wait until we have passed ran into the middle of the two cars banged the other one and shouted at him to move- I couldnt believe it what is wrong with the world. Hope you have a etter day today lad they caught him! x gins


Poor you. I was a victim of a road rage attack a number of years ago. Like you, I was very thankful to all the members of the public who stopped to make sure it didn't get any worse. You need to give yourself time and space to get over this horrible, unjustified and traumatic event. Remember, you didn't create it - you didn't invite it - you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and when you're ready, move on and let it go.

Thinking of you. Have a good day today, and don't let a random nutter spoil it for you!! xx


I had no idea what he was going to do!! His fists and face if rage but i did NOTHING

He been done before its like a bullying experience. All because used same road and i let him go!! Omg . Sorry gins you had same experience with a woman!!

Off to Dr today even tho its a emergency appointments only!!! No spaces till next wk, told receptionist i know them all, she said rite get you in this morning :-) .

Police advised for trauma!! And if to go infront of judge.

He could of hit me or got knife out or anything.

I never cried i was just in shock and still am , sleepless nite too.


These thugs are seriously scary - I got stuck behind a milk float on the main road near my estate and I knew it was not safe to try and pass and that it wasn't far before the road widened to two lanes anyway. But the man behind was honking his horn, head out the window swearing with accompanying hand signals. He distracted me so much that I drove through a pedestrian crossing, fortunately no-one on it, then I had to turn right to get home and was terrified what I would do if he followed me because my neighbours were then all out at work. Fortunately he didn't but I wouldn't go out for the rest of the day.

After a near neighbour was involved in a nasty incident a few years ago I always locked my car door and in fact my new one locks automatically.

Hope you're ok today and so glad the police caught him.


Crikey, you poor thing, sounds so scarey. Thankfully i've never experienced this, don't know how i'd cope!

Try and have a bit of a pampering session, to chill out. We all know how stress makes mr fribro mad!!! So the last thing you need is a bad flare up.

gentle hugs to you

Sharon xxx

OMG, Im glad you're ok, allbeit shaken up. There are some real nutters out there who think the roads are just for them. If you're ever followed after something like that, DONT GO HOME right away, coz then they know where you live and they could harrass you. Drive to the nearest police stn or somewhere lit and public. Something similar happened to me, though not nearly as scarey, a couple of weeks ago while I was crossing a road. The lights were red when I started to cross but obviously had changed while I was still in the road. The driver at the lights honked his horn, stuck his head out of the window and started shouting abuse at me. I shouted back (while I stood in front of his car,) "sorry I cant cross the road quick enough for you", in a very sarcastic way. I dont walk very fast due to my health conditions. I ended up being less than ladylike to him. No one gets away with being a bully and rude with me. He was so impatient. When I passed my test, which was only 4 yrs ago, the highway code said," if there are still pedestrians on the crossing, even when the lights go green, you have to wait for them to get to the other side". Not drive off at 100 mph and nearly run them over. And preferably not shout at them. Wasnt it a lot easier years ago, when roads were just 2 lanes, one going in each direction. You know where you are with those. Anyway, take deep breaths and a lay down. You're a better person than that arrogant pig. HUGGLES.xx

Oh my goodness bless you. How are you feeling today? What a tramatic event but as you say your are shocked but ok and it could have been a lot worse he could have made you crash!!!!!!

Just be careful as there are a lot of people out there trying to claim compo by making people crash into them at roundabouts as they make you think that they are going to go round it but they stop and blame you.

Hoope you are ok and Take Care

Jo xx


What a nightmare! I have been bullied and threatened on the road too, not long after I passed my test. I had to take to my bed for a couple of days so well done you for not letting him stop you from getting on with your life!

Christine x

fairycazzie in reply to Hidden

Thanks Christine!

I have to be strong as if i do not get up and wrk the girls suffer too with no wrk, so i managed! It has been very hard am suffering :/(

Xxxxx thank you so much and sorty u too had incident as it can ruin you!!

Xxxcazzie lots of love xx

Hidden in reply to fairycazzie

You take care Cazzie x

Love and soft hugs very scary stuff u take care hunny x

You poor thing Cazzie and brave. There is so much anger around now.

I hope you get pamperred for the rest of the week at least.

Love and hugs xx


OMG sounds terrifying, at least you know the police got him, There are so many idiots on the road nowadays. Glad you are ok though, albeit shaken, I appreciate you have to work for the sake of others but try and take it easy the rest of the time. You are a lovely lady, always thinking of others as it must have taken a lot of guts to get back behind the wheel so soon xx

Awww thanks!! So appreciate the thoughts!!

I have had the odd ones LAUGH ohhh how did ya road rage go?!?

I pretty gob smacked tbh as these ppl do not drive and when its experienced its different.

Don't get me wrong am tough and had a little banter with police as they did me! And was so pleased when caught. But sometimes you have the most feared thoughts of,

What if's?!? Lady with baby, or pensioner (could cause heart attack)

I mean yes even with my problems panic attacks but i have never been so CALM and still am and feel like it was a dream its unbelievable!!

Must be diwn to my confidence on road as i have no fear at all thank fully.

But i still have feelings i think!! Xxxx

You are allll so lovely by far !!

We all help each other xx


omg, i have just seen your blog...for some reason its only just come up!!! unless you posted it last night once you had calmed down or drank the wine from the customer that you didnt get too because of this idiot!!!!

i have road rage but would never dream of doing that!!! he sould be banned from being in a car with that amount of road raage either that made to have councelling before he gets behind a wheel again!!

hope your ok and yes you should take time to chill out for your self as its important for you do have me time

sending you hugs Cazzie x x :D

Hope you're OK now. What a terrible experience.

There are some nutters out there...

Soft hugs Ren


Oh I'm so sorry to hear of your misfortune, remember to lock your car no matter what anyone says, a lot of that goes on here on the main roads, my Dad made me get driving lessons the year he died but I'd no interest in driving, and thats 34 years ago, I've less interest now in learning how to drive, because of road rage, I'm glad he was caught, maybe that's why you're calm, take care and have a nice hot bath with candled xxxx


sorry candles, silly fibro xxxx

Hi everyone am ok . Had police here again today to see i want to go ahead,

Its my nieces 12 tg bday today, so wrk, sisters, seen police and omg am suffering so much and cannot undestsand!! I was having half decent day until this afternoon and now am glued to chair! Keep nodding off but i really really appreaciate all of your comments i do!!

Am sooooo exhausted.

I may have to go crown prosecution court and as you know we suffer enough !

They put 9-11 ppl who look like the criminal to try confuse me on a video thing.

They took pics how he looked at time but i dont go till later and he coukd change his image!!!

This is not good in his favour of course ohhhhh arrrr what to dooooo ??xxxx

I wish at this moment i did not have to get up and take girls to wrk!!! I soo

Want to just chill out and thats not me as i love my job so much. Perhaps

Its all taken out of me just now.

I hope you are all doing ok?!?!!!

I love talking to you alllll as like a little family that is different to my own as we understand it all.

My mum today said u look normal !! :-/ i just replied thats exactly as everyone thinks of us!!

Not sure she was just making me feel better as my self pride was not so groomed as you see in pic!! I feel i look sooo rough to myself.

I wish we had a huuuge virtual big soft fluffy bed to lay in and watch DVD's eat popcorn n crsckers and just have fibro fog gog laughs xx as we all on same wave lenghtg like our little planet hahaha xxxxxxxxxx

Love to uou allll.

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