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thank you thank you all !!!!!

i have been so worried about filling my dal forms out ? And then someone put DIAL and to get intouch with them so looked on the intenet and found them . and they are going to phone me to arainge to come to my house, then just by the way i phoned my gps and asked if cab have somone who goes there to fill forms in and they dooooo ? so befor i have to go as not feeling to good if you need help phone the nerest dial or gp to see if cab go there but thank you every one just for being there for me to mone and winge to a big thank you and soft hugs to you all

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well done you! xxx


hi yhere yes it was me told you to call dial so glad you did well done and good luck love to you diddle x


Hey Kath, we are all here for each other so if we can help out we will. I wish I had this site 18 months ago when I had to find my way around the system, its takes so much pressure off when someone can say something to help. Next time someone else has these problems you too will be able to give them the benefit of your experience.

All the best with your DLA, love Angela xx


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