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Magnesium feeds muscles and relieves pain caused by illness

Magnesium feeds muscles and relieves pain caused by illness

news on yahoo today states magnesium helps stop stroke!! additionally the heart is a muscle. magnesium is absorbed through the skin and is found in Epsom Salts.

two handfuls in a bath as hot you can tolerate for a max of 15 minutes minutes really does help bring down the pain brought on by our dysfunctional systems, nerves and ibs.

in tesco a very small packet at pharmacy costs approx £4, enough for three baths. however there is a great uk company who sell raw products for making your own natural soaps etc, whom sell a 25 kilo sack of epsom salts for approx £25. this lasts me for over a year and i store sack away and keep a dish in bathroom. it really does help bring relief.

here is a link to the whole seller on line whom i mentioned above.

copy and paste in to your browser and enjoy the site. apart from being a great supplier of epsom salt, there have many lovely natural products.


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ps you can order on line and they deliver direct to your home xxx


hi jules58, i am so sorry to hear there is no one to help you get in and out of bath. have you called social services or asked gp for home help. i would be lost without home help support. toxin release and help with muscle certainly is a good move. it certainly brings relief of pain in muscles, i always feel better after using it. when i am bad my husband always runs me a bath with it, in fact he see the difference and now is the first to suggest it.

i thought you might all like to see this health report,

BIOVEA Health News

Manage Magnesium to Reduce Stroke Risk

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in most developed countries, but it turns out that simple lifestyle choices, such as getting some daily exercise and avoiding tobacco, can greatly lower the odds of having one. We can now add getting more dietary magnesium as another potential way to keep stroke at bay.

Measuring magnesium’s impact on stroke

To study the potential connections between dietary magnesium and stroke risk, researchers used meta-analysis to combine and analyse data from seven previous observational studies on three types of stroke:

Ischemic stroke, which occurs when a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain becomes blocked

Intracerebral haemorrhage, which occurs when there is bleeding within the brain tissue

Subarachnoid haemorrhage, which occurs when there is bleeding within the skull, but not within the brain tissue itself

The study authors found that for every 100 mg per day increase in magnesium intake, the risk of ischemic stroke, a common type of stroke, decreased by 9%. The risk of the other stroke types—intracerebral haemorrhage and subarachnoid haemorrhage—was not related to dietary magnesium levels.

The meta-analysis approach allows for larger numbers of people to be studied together, and typically, more study subjects makes for a stronger study. However, this type of study is observational, so it cannot prove cause and effect. Still, the results suggest a high-magnesium diet may protect against ischemic stroke.


Thanks I am going to try some salts , I find a hot bath very soothing, also an electric blanket (even in hot weather) to have a warm bed to jump (stagger) into is very soothing


jules58, i love my soak, but thank god you are getting a wet room shower soon. sorry to hear how much pain you are in. ((gentle hugs))


cosydaisy, i couldn't agree more. in fact i need rest now, zzzzzzzzz sweet dreams xxx


this is an old pain relief I can remember my nan soaking in a bath of epsom salts, sometimes the old remedies are the best, I wish I could have a bath, I now cant as I cant use my arms to get me out of it


I always had an epsom salt bath after exercise. cannot use bath any more. it does help a lot and i recommended it to a young friend recently for her pain.

thanks for resurrecting this old remedy. xxx


gypsycrafter, i got a home help to come each week to help bath me. their hourly rate ranges from £7 - £13 for one hour. this is enough to bath and wash your hair and blow dry. your should be getting dla carers allowance, ask for gp for support in application. it really is worth having these baths xx


you know how that new program, the food hospital is now telling us to eat how we did when i was a kid. e.g. no processed food, meat veg and only natural sugar from fruit is best. well i believe some of the 'old' ways just did not know why it worked and we now do, but word is slow getting out. epsom salts are very good for us on a number of levels. rid of toxins and helps imuscles metabolism. our ibs mean we get so many toxin left in our bodies. i know its no cure but it does help on our very bad days and help stop the tears for a bit.


Very interesting blog Happe! I will have to try the Epsom salt bath, while I can still sort of get in and out. And re the food, I'm vegetarian, and cook fresh as much as I can - when we decide to have a rest from cooking, my partner and I both notice that processed food affects our IBS etc...

Thank you for sharing this!! xx Tracy


So envious..can't take baths - haven't been able to have a bath in a few years because of immobility..but don't worry I do shower daily...


Great! I confirm it really works. Also magnesium supplements gives me a better sleep, worth trying guys!


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