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wen to my daughters in the end so much for my reading day it was raining and i bought my grandsons a patoio set from asda on sat for their birthdays may/june so thought i would take it with my youngest so they could be occupied and eat their tea of it for fun

well that was the plan got all the bits out great it was horrendous to put together luckily my youngest is great at that stuff we done the table i mean she did then started on the chairs 2 of them were broken bits were missing screws wpuld not go in !! arghh

by this time the boys wre crushing the box i said they could having more fun with that in the end my daughter had to admit defeat so i called asda and they said to bring it back

i said what about the parasol and table they are up ! oh well keep them and jus bring the chairs back and we will refund in full ( bonus) so boys were happy took it all back got refund and picked up a carrot cake while i was in there ( i was stressed ) i deserved it and then came back to check on my blogs and find you had all been eating cakes and blamed me was so upset i ate the cake i hope you are all happy ???? lol only joking thought they were all hilarious hope you are ll ok not feeling sick ? and will be back tommorrow as i am worn out now having a hot bath and sit down so enjoy your evening love and lots of hugs to my special friends diddle x

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well done on getting some justice for the messed up table set. shame it didn't work out. as for the cake, why not lol? gotta have a smile at some point in the day! hope you get your kindle day tomorrow.


Well Diddle I think you deserved the carrot cake with all the stress you had. Good of Asda to refund in full and still let you keep the table tho!!. Winking your eye at them were you lol !

Well I havn't eaten any cake but have had a fair amount of chocolate, yummy. Hope yu enjoyed your hot bath and are able to get a decent night sleep tonight, sounds like you need it. Love ANgela x


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