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Morning All - another day I have read all the blogs and the questions answered those I felt able and now with

a cup of expresso in my hand I am considering my next move. All this has taken me since 5m and now at 8am. I need to find energy again today and whizz around before the guest comes to celebrate OH 70th toninght.

So where do I start I really dont kow but I suppose I will ablute do my hair take some pills and say a prayer.

I know people come to see us not the house - so I will put the lights on low they really do not know.

They say they do but they haven't a clue how much it seems to me to do

Polish the glasses find all the bits and I am only giving them Fish and Chips,

Defrost the puddings whip the cream wow it will go like a dream!

Meet at the door we are off you did not know I was a Toff.

Red, pink, white wine I am sure it will be divine.

Fingers crossed xgins

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I think your next move should be asking admin for a block button so you can stop me invading your threads.. Then you would have more time to get into gear... I know it takes me a good two hours to get up drink coffee have tablets wait 30 mins before I can eat and then try and get washed and dressed. If I had to work I would have to be up about 4 am to be ready to leave the house and catch the bus into town trouble is I can't always get to the bus stop and they don't start running till after 9 so I would always be late and my night meds are still in my system so I can't really drive my mobility scooter and am now taking day meds...

Anyway now gone off thread as usual ... Have a lovely evening gins it will be fine sending positive vibes despite not getting any pudding

HUgs VG x


You may invade my threads when ever you fancy it always makes me smile and I love being a smiley person :) I know exactly what you mean about needing at least 2 hours before the meds work I START AT 5/6AM and by 10 I am relitively human. Not today hip has gone damit so will be rather handicaped today and over full of pain killers. well the right amount but I always try and keep the dose down as I feel washy wishy or is that wishy washy x gins


Good luck with everything gins! I take forever to get going in the morning these days. In a former life I was up and off to work before seven but now I have to do everything at a snail's pace. Some days I think the snail could beat me too ;) Anyway, please wish your OH a happy birthday from all of us here and I hope that everything goes smoothly and that you have some energy left to enjoy the party yourself. All good wishes. Jane x


Thank you for your wishes I have sent them to OH he has had to go out for me hope I have not forgot anything else bless you xgins


have a lovely evening gins and take up the offer of any help going , how about traditional fish and chips out of newspaper ? it will save on the washing up ha ha i am sure you will all have a lovely time and as you say they are coming to see you both xx hugs


Thats is exactly what we did LOL worked brilliantly ! :) no mess no hassle xgins


so glad you had a great time , great minds eh ? lol xx


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