Morning evrybody

I would just like to say a massive big thankyou to everyone.

I have been really down as most of you know and all the advice and support on here have been absolutely fantastic. :)

I feel abit better today and i hope i will pick up even more, but even if i dont i know i have all you. :)

The response to my question was unbelievable and i just want to say thankyou again.

Hope everyone is ok today.

hugs, kelx xxxx

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  • Hi Kel

    So glad you are feeling better and hope it continues. You have a good day ok! xx

  • Thankyou kia :) xxxxxx

  • Morning Kel

    I am so please that you are felling brighter now It is a horrible place to be I know but you know that we are all here to help and support you anyway we can.

    I do hope you can stay felling better but if not we are here for you anytime

    soft hugs

    Penny xxx

  • Thankyou penny. :) xxxxx

  • Thankyou chris. :) xxxxxx

  • Im so pleased your feeling better,but take it easy

  • Thankyou lally, yes i am taking it very easy and day by day. :) xxxxxx

  • life with fibro is definantly a rollercoaster of emotions, isnt it?

    glad today is an up day hun xxx

  • Thankyou nadine. :) xxxxx

  • Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better Kel.

    Little steps and pacing...................


    Sue x x x x x x

  • Thankyou sue. :) xxxxx

  • iam so glad you are feeling better hun ,and a big thank you to you for listening to me aswell :)

    love and hugs xxxx

  • Good to hear Kell :) xx

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