good morning !!!!!

good morning everyone ,had an ok nights sleep ,dont know what i was doing though ,cause i woke up and couldnt find my shield that i use to stop me grinding my teeth ,(i do it so badly ive ground away 2 teeth ) so spent ages looking forit in the bed trying not to wake hubby ,

i found it at the bottom near his feet !! EEEEEWWWWWW !!! no i dea how it got there ,but it must have come out early as my teeth are all bruised again ,

going to see my friend today ,in hendenham ,which is miles away ,but worth it

hope you all have a good day lots of love and hugs to you all :-D xxx

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  • hi enjoy your day always worth a drive to see goog friend lol and glad you found gum sheild think i would sterilse it though lol no offence to your hubby ha ha love to you diddle x

  • i think i will diddle ,lol ,and no offense to my hubby but his feet are minging :-P

  • I've got a roofer coming out today to have a nosey & give us a quote, all been a bit of a palava with the "drought", a leaking roof & the refusal of the insurance company to cover... grrr. Anyways onwards & upwards. I've got one friend coming over with a dehumidifier this morning & another one for lunch this afternoon. Busy


  • well ihope your day is good and the roofer isnt too exspensive xx

  • EUGH!!!! you werent doing top n tail naughties in your sleep last nite was u?? lol xxxx

  • you naugty girl !

    and no no chance of that happening lol

  • lol x

  • lol with you on that te only thing thats been on my bed and seen me naked in last 6 months is my dog lol love to you diddle x

  • It must have been that fairy again Lynz but at least you found it. Hope you had a nice day, its good to have some good company and have a chinwag isn't it. Take care, love Angela xx

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