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lazy sunday

hey fibro buddies

how you all doing hope all is well an you are trying to relax this sunday afternoon, i am soo frustrated i couldn't sit still so cleaned right through the house move furniture the lot and trust me i am sooo feeling it today specifically in my left hip replacement really sore n painful :0/ x at the moment i am so tired and seem to be gettin some sleep through the night but so so tire still maybe because of my illness and the worry we are going through at moment with my eldest daughter as you all know is poorly with cancer, there is no updates at moment she is a very strong positive young lady , they have just signed up for a house neaer her husbands mum so thy are closer for help (so hard she i am here and not outthere in australia helping) also my youngest daughter is 28 weeks pregnant and has a few problems with the babies dad ( she still lives at home with us thank god ), we still have major worries over our eviction for now the court case has been suspended and they is a chance that the council can help with morgage relief which means i think we might get to stay in our home but still awaiting news on this so we are still not sure if we will be eveixte on 26th november , it is all going on in my family and to be honest i really don't know how i am getting through this but some how i am with good help from my wonderful hubby , do you know since be told to leave at home at 16 by my alcholic mother because i was inlove with my boyfriend and happy (my hubby) we have faced lots of battles and we overcome them and just get on with it , some of my childhood was amazing but when my paren slplit up it was terrible (age 13) why do some people sale through life and have no bad at all and then they is them (me) who face every battle like its the norm an believe me i am a very positive person brought my 3 girls up extremely well we have never hurt anyone caused anyone any upset we just get on and keep ourself to ourself, so why oh why is my life so tough and why are we having these god awful challenges in my life some would say it is beacause you have been selected as the good man up there believes you can deal and cope with it hmmmmm welll i am not so sure anymore i half the woman i was lost all my confidence , have tired eyes, aching body a heavy heart , i feel like i can't focus ,,,..... but i still think i'm pretty luvky as i love my hubby n kids soo much and best of all they love me xx take care thanks for reading xx gentle hugs xx teresa xx

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hi Teresa my you have had such a hectic time today,is it to try and take your mind of things ?

you are such a brilliant Mum and i am sure a lovely wife, i wish i had a magic wand that i could wave and let you win the lottery so you can stay in your home and fly to your daughter, you are so brave coping so well , warm admiring hugs J x


thank you xx


hiya wot a lovely blog and lovely things you say abt your family.i agree with you im the same as you and ive had my fair share of lifes battles,it just makes us stronger i think and more able to cope when we have more upset..

the people who sail through life with no worrys i.e my sister being one of them will never appreciate the life we have now.

i really really hope and pray with all my heart that you manage to get through it all and im certain you will.

you are so like me one of lifes survivors..

i wish both daughters all very best and i used to believe there was someone up there but now i dont...

im more spiritual now and im always saying you can keep a good dog down,sorry for pun.dont mean you lol.

were all here for you to just listen and support.i had a mortgage when i was married and we sold it for nothing through divorce and coz we had got behind.

its so upsetting but you will get through it and even if you can get them to pay any arrears for now then that im sure will stop eviction.

have they got no morals these people.

have you sought advice too on this matter?thinking of you all xx


thanks ladies

i know what u mean sammy , i to have a sister like you who doesn't understand and is all about money and nice houses and whe she speaks doemst think about other peoples battles , and of course i'm not offeneded at your comment keep a good dog dow its true u can't lol x i to am not a believer in tht man up above or go to church, but i do believe spritualy tht thy is something tht guides you have just read a book by robert hannon and basically his story is not to be proud and ask for help or to take help offered and ofcourse that is exactley what me and my husband is proud we are happy to give help anytime but find it extremely hard to ask for help because for the past 19years no one has wanted to help us so we just got on with our lifes and look after us and the kids and every we battle we entered in we rose above and got through it and iam positive we will over come theses changes to sooner rather then later xx thanks again x teresa xx


tht shoul say 29years not 19 x


Keep going and stay strong Teresa. We can't do much to help but all the good folks on this forum will be thinking of you and your family and hoping that everything turns out well. Lots of virtual hugs (((((((x)))))))). Jane x


thank you xxx


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